Interview by Asia Lanzi

The Australian musician GG Magree is making waves with her rock and pop-punk hybrid releases. Her latest single, “Turn Me On,” is an electrifying anthem that blends 90s rock style and modern pop-punk elements, featuring thrashing drums, haunting guitar bass, and GG’s sultry vocals. In this interview, GG discusses her musical journey, inspirations, and creative process, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and self-expression. With captivating performances at renowned festivals like Coachella and upcoming shows across North America, GG Magree is an unapologetically authentic force in the music scene.

What inspired your passion for music and led you to pursue a career in the industry? 

Growing up in Australia, my father was the owner of nightclubs, which exposed me to the world of music and nightlife. I was studying property development at university, while also organizing raves, coinciding with the peak of electro blog house. During this time, I was lucky enough to have prominent artists like Ajax, Bag Raiders, Bloody Beetroots, Sneaky Sound System, and Flight Facilities perform at my events. I experimented with DJ decks, managing the club until it became busy, and then it completely became an obsession. Eventually, I made the decision to drop out of university, explaining to my family that music was all I could think about. Their immense support basically kickstarted my musical journey. I am entirely self-taught in all aspects of music. So I really believe that music is my true purpose in this life.

How would you describe your music in 3 words? 

Tuff, Sexual, Emotional 

Can you tell us about the story behind your latest single ‘Turn Me On’? 

For me, it was important to understand the distinction between love and lust. Many people tend to confuse the two, and I admit I do that often as well. However, this song served as an awakening for me. Love, in my opinion, is like having a best friend, someone you envision spending your entire life with. Lust, on the other hand, is more about infatuation.

How do you approach blending different musical genres, like 90s rock and modern pop-punk, to create your unique sound? 

Music, to me, is a collection of beautiful mistakes harmoniously combined. I draw much inspiration from bands like Nirvana, Turnstile, Lorna Shore, Bring Me the Horizon, and especially The Prodigy. In my perspective, Metal/Rock serves as the vibrant, energetic big brother of bass music, so I strive to merge them into a chaotic blend, which has been working out so far.

What led you to explore the theme of addictive relationships in your lyrics? How does personal experience influence your songwriting? 

Honestly, I would never date myself. I only write from personal experiences, so everything you hear is a heartfelt story. I am a profound lover. I wear my heart on my sleeve, so love affects me intensely and swiftly. As human beings, love is the one thing we all crave deeply. I just have no fear of discussing it through my songs.

Can you take us through your creative process when it comes to writing music?

I always begin with a guitar, and once I have a chord progression, I just start humming melodies, and the lyrics naturally flow from there. I typically write in an acoustic style, and once I have the core structure of the song, I add additional elements like drums, synths, and so on.

What is it like to perform your music live on stage at prestigious festivals like Coachella? Could you take us through the range of emotions, thoughts and standout moments you experience during your live shows?

Performing at Coachella was definitely nerve-wracking for me. It was a festival I had always dreamed of being a part of, and it was also the first time I performed with a band. I always strive for perfection due to my ADHD, and it’s something I know I’ll struggle with forever. However, the moment I step onto the stage, something shifts, and it’s like I black out and a demon in me takes over. It’s funny because when I watch videos or live streams of my performances, I’m surprised by what I see on stage. Performing is my release, my safe space and the one place I truly feel alive.

Your self-directed music videos are visually captivating. How do you approach the visual representation of your music and bring your artistic vision to life?

I’m an extremely visual person and I’m also dyslexic, so I read and write backward. Words have never been my best friend, so I think in images and create a visual storyboard in my mind that aligns with the song while I’m writing music.

You’ll be starring in the upcoming movie ‘Dead Hot’. What can you tell us about your role and how your experience as a musician informs your acting?

I love being watched and consider myself a performer, whether it’s on stage, television, or even just walking down the street. I approach life as if it were a music video. As for my role in “Dead Hot,” I am not only an executive producer, creator, and star, but I also scored the film. You can now watch “Dead Hot” on Tubi.

What importance do friendships hold to you? Which qualities and values do you believe are essential for being a best friend and fostering meaningful connections?

To me, friendships and family hold immense importance in my life. The key aspect I prioritize and reciprocate is to truly see someone for who they are, always listen, support the f*ck out of your friends, and never ever judge them. I feel like in this life I’ve found my soulmates in the form of friends, and honestly, I wouldn’t be the outgoing, confident person I am without them. My friends keep me accountable, are honest, and we all have the best time because life is too short.

What is your favorite aspect of being an artist? Whether it’s the process of songwriting, the thrill of performing live, or something else entirely, what brings you the most joy and fulfillment in your artistic journey?

Honestly, it’s the entirety of being an artist. I express gratitude to my angels every day for the journey I’m on in this life. I’m incredibly thankful. It may sound cliché, but I wholeheartedly believe in the saying that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I genuinely feel that way. If I could, I would write music even in my sleep, tour, and perform shows every day. I simply have a deep passion for creating. My mind doesn’t cease its creative flow, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians who strive to develop their own unique sound and make a lasting impact in the industry?

Be authentic to who you are, f*ck  what anyone thinks, be true to yourself, and take risks.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have ever received, and how has it influenced your career and artistic journey?

You can either hang poster girls on the wall or be the poster girl on the wall. Take risks and never be afraid to be honest.

As a female artist, how do you embrace and express your femininity, sexuality, and sensuality through music and fashion as a form of self-expression?

For a long stint in my career, I was told to never wear things that were scandalous or to be too “pretty” because I wouldn’t be taken seriously. So, for a really long time, I was scared of that. It wasn’t until I did a lot of shadow work that I realized, “Wait a second, I love who I am. I love the way I express myself in both the light and the dark.” I really stopped caring about what anyone thought about me. I’m an extrovert who is hypersexual, and I love that about myself.

Thank you so much for your time! It was lovely to hear more about who you are and your journey.


Photographer – Vince Rossi
Hair and Makeup – Cami Clark
Styling – GG Magree