interview by JANA LETONJA

Australian actress Georgia Flood most recently starred in Peacock’s ’Apples Never Fall’, which premiered on 14th March. She began to pursue her acting career at the age of 14 and has continually worked in the Australian TV, film and theatre industry ever since. Next up, we’ll be seeing Georgia in AMC’s series ‘Nautilus’.

Georgia, you just starred in Peacock’s series ‘Apples Never Fall’. What was the best part of being a part of this series and this cast for you?
The best part was the opportunity to play Savannah and working with Annette Bening. I had a field day getting to know my character Savannah, researching her, building her and learning to love her. Annette was a total dream to work with, she is whip smart, playful and generous, which is a winning combination to have as an actor. I really appreciate the time I had with the other cast too, they were a dream to work with. 

What personally surprised you the most about the story?
The heartbreaking truth of the ending, which I’m not sure I’m supposed to divulge here, being that it’s a spoiler.

Your character Savannah had a very central role in the series. How would you describe Savannah and did you find any similarities between her and yourself?
Without giving anything away, I would describe Savannah as a deeply troubled individual who didn’t really get a fair shot at life, like maybe her other relatives did. I didn’t find many similarities to speak of. Namely, she is supposed to be a wonderful cook and I am terrible at cooking! 

You started your career in acting at the age of 14. How have you developed as an actor since then?
That’s a big question, but If I can think of one thing, it would be that I’ve developed my taste. I really know what kind of actor I want to be now. I’m actively seeking challenging roles where my character is complex, yet extremely fun and rewarding to play. I also want to be a part of stories I admire and believe in telling. I would love to have creative input into the films I make too, so basically I’ve developed into an actor and producer. 

You studied both in Paris and Melbourne. What were the most valuable lessons you’ve learned about the craft from your time at the L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq and 16th Street Actors Studio?
What I learnt from my course at the Jacques Lecoq school was that although the language barrier made it difficult initially, it did teach me the art of communication beyond language, which was weirdly what the course was teaching anyway. One day we had to re-create one of Van Gogh’s paintings as a group and preform it. Having previously agreed on who is going to represent each colour, we then just acted out the painting. It was weird and wild. 16th Street has honestly been so special and important to me. Kim Krejus, the schools artistic director, hosted a few masterclasses with Larry Moss and Elizabeth Kemp, which I was lucky enough to take part in. The lessons I learned from each of those masters has sustained me throughout my career, remembering that acting is all about human connection and earning your place as an artist through transcending all that isn’t essentially you. 

Besides acting on screen, you’ve also been in many stage productions in Australia. What do you love the most about performing on stage?
I love the immediacy and the thrill of not knowing what might happen at any given moment. You are forced to be so present and that is a wonderful feeling. I also love being back stage with my fellow actors, just being totally silly and having the best time keeping each other alive and engaged, ready to pop on stage. I love both sides, but I haven’t always though. In honesty, I used to struggle with the presence side of it, but I think being in that Melbourne lock down for so long in 2021 and then being able to come out of it with a Shakespeare hit really reinvigorated my love for theatre and all that it can do for humanity. We all felt so lucky to be working.

Which Australian actor or actress would you say is your biggest inspiration for making such a successful career for themself in the industry?
Margot Robbie. What a career, what an actor, what a producer. I adore the characters she plays and how daring and bold her choices are. I would love to work with her.

What are some of your other passions in life, outside of acting?
Music. I am a singer, songwriter and producer, and am currently working on an album. I am actively seeking a new producer to assist with some new music, so please reach out if you’re reading this. Other passions include dogs. I watch way too many cute and funny dog videos. 

Why would you tell anyone that they absolutely must visit Australia? What are some of your favourite things about it?
Byron Bay is one of my favourite places on earth. The beaches, the nature, the waterfalls, the dolphins, the fresh food. It’s literally heaven.

Soon, we’ll be able to watch you in the upcoming series ‘Nautilus’. What can you share with us about it and your other upcoming projects?
‘Nautilus’ is a swashbuckling adventure extravaganza. It is the story of Captain Nemo and his ragtag team on a submarine, fleeing the imminent capture of the British East India Company. There’s action, drama, romance, sci-fi. It’s very funny. I play a young Victorian woman named Humility Lucas. She is very forward thinking for the 1860s, which initially gets her into trouble, of course. But then, as Nemo takes a chance on her or rather after she implores him to, her intelligence continues to save the day.

all photography by NICK THOMPSON