Interview by JANA LETONJA

Spanish-French actor and model Gabriel Guevara is best known for his recurring role in series ‘Skam España’ and in the film ‘My Fault’, which has been the biggest role in his career so far. He’ll be reprising his role in the upcoming two sequels, ‘Your Fault’, coming out in 2024, and ‘Our Fault’. Gabriel also has upcoming roles in Spanish series ‘Red Flags’ and in Netflix’s miniseries ‘Ni una más’.

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Gabriel, when you look at your career now, how does it measure up to what you’ve dreamt about it?

My goal had always been to be an actor and to be able to make a living from it. As is often the case, you always dream of reaching the highest point, but today I feel complete happiness because I am doing what I dreamed of. I feel very lucky.

Much like your parents, you were drawn towards artistic pursuits at an early age. What drew you to art, in all different mediums?

My father took me to perform with him at the Royal Theater of Madrid from a very young age, where I started out as an extra. And my mother always took me to all the musical auditions. All those experiences have led me to where I am today. I am very proud to have such an artistic family that has supported my career since I was young.

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You’ve trained dance and have been active in opera and theater. How important part do these three art mediums play in your life today?

Dancing has helped me a lot with body expression and it helps me a lot with acting. You can express your feelings through all those synchronized movements. I don’t consider myself the best singer, but I’ve always put a lot of effort into all my projects. I always want to have a good time.

Fans best know you from your roles in ‘Skam España’ and ‘My Fault’. In your opinion, how have these two roles impacted your career and your life?

Both have been very important in my career. I have a lot of affection for the two characters I portrayed and I will always be grateful to them. They propelled my career to what it is today. I have very good memories and will always carry them with me.

‘My Fault’ has been the biggest role to date for you and you’re already filming its sequels, ‘Your Fault’ and ‘Our Fault’. What do you love the most about this trilogy and your character Nick?

What I like the most about this trilogy is what it can teach the new generations. How to recognize when you are in a toxic relationship and the ramifications that that can have on your life. All the drama in this story teaches you many lessons. What I like most about my character Nick is his elegance and his way of moving forward and coping with life. Nick knows how to face all the problems that come his way. 

What can the fans expect from the upcoming two films, what can you tease about them?

I can’t say much, but you can expect a lot of drama in relationships, fights and car races. You can also expect a more mature and developed Nick.

Besides this, you also have an upcoming role in the Spanish series ‘Red Flags’, which will follow the sexual and emotional lives of four teenagers. What more can you share about it with us at this point?

‘Red Flags’ is going to premiere soon. I have a small role in this project, but it’s a series with a very interesting background that talks about how we relate to each other nowadays.

You’ll also be starring in Netflix’s miniseries ‘Ni una más’ with quite a delicate story. What is in your opinion the biggest message of this series to the audiences?

It is important to assert that there is still a long way to go in the fight for feminism. There are still very extreme cases that must disappear, so I think it is very necessary to make series like this.

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tank top ZARA
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For ‘Ni una más’ you’ll be reuniting once again with Nicole Wallace. After so many joint projects, how has your on screen dynamic developed, as well as your personal friendship?

I feel like Nicole and I have known each other forever. We have a very good relationship. We have spent countless hours together, both on and off camera. It is always a pleasure to share space with her since she is a great actress. I love working with her and I am very proud of all her achievements.

2024 seems like a very busy year for you. What are you most excited about this year?

There are still many projects to come and I am very proud of everything that has been accomplished so far. I would love to be able to play different roles, something more extreme and not stay in the same role. Recognition among my career colleagues, other actors, is also very important to me. I admire this profession and want to continue developing my career.

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