interview MARIA MOTA

In Zalando’s Spring/Summer 2024 campaign, fashion foodie Gabbriette turns heads as she serves a massive, larger than herself, pink and green cake topped with apples as cherries.

Here Gabriette gives us A Taste Of childhood memories, personal style, future plans, and figuring out that fire is hot…

Zalando’s campaign hashtag is #ATasteOfYou. If you had to describe yourself in a taste, like a dish or any food, which one would it be?

Anything sweet and salty! I’m a bit different everyday so choosing a specific dish is hard, but right now I’m obsessed with a gooey brownie with a bit of Maldon salt on top. 

Let’s talk about the video campaign, how was the process of filming it?

Well! I got to go to Spain for the first time so that was already an exciting venture for me. The crew was amazing and I got to work with my friends! I loved the set up of cooking a massive cake and the scale of production may have been the largest I’ve worked on…honestly felt like we were shooting a short film!

How did you get into cooking? 

My parents cooked dinner every night, we were not a big take out family. My mom was great at trying out new recipes and exploring different flavors. We always had cookbooks lying around the kitchen so my love for food started young! I once destroyed some lovely heirloom tomatoes because I wanted to help my mom out in the kitchen when she walked away to take a phone call. 

That already comes close to my next question. Talking about how food often brings cherished memories and associations with emotions and people, little moments and flavors that stick with you, can you share some more of those with us?

Every childhood memory of mine takes place in my parents’ kitchen. Finding out what fire was (it’s hot) at 3 years old, playing dress up with my sister and hiding behind the fridge before I popped out to dance for my moms guests, crying about my braces and how I couldn’t eat my dads famous ribs the day I got them, and making cookies every Christmas with my cousins, making an absolute mess of the place. It was the heart of the house for sure. 

When cooking, do you usually stick to recipes or do your thing and try out?

I usually make up my own recipes even though I hate to measure! A splash of this and accidentally burning that is all part of the fun!

What about in life, do you do things by the book and plan ahead or are you not much of a planner and go where life takes you?

Oh gosh, I wish I were better at planning but I live more day to day. I like having structure in my job but with everything else I sort of have no clue what’s going on. I like it that way. 

What’s one thing that makes you truly you? That you instantly recognize being 100% Gabbriette

Oooh! Leather! A good knife! And a good attitude. 

In the midst of how fast social media, trends and life keep moving, many people struggle with finding their own style. What helped you find your own?

I just like being comfortable. I don’t like worrying about looking the coolest or wearing the newest thing. I rarely shop in stores now, most of my pieces I’ve had in my closet for ages. I sort of picked a uniform and stuck to it because it’s one less thing to think about.

What’s Gabriette’s recipe for feeling confident in yourself?

Surround yourself with good people and talk to someone you love everyday. Also a good perfume doesn’t hurt. 

That sounds like the perfect answer. What’s one piece of clothing, jewelry, or accessory you can’t live without?

I love a leather cuff bracelet. Makes me feel like I’m wearing armor. 

What’s a fashion moment of yours you’ll never forget?

When my mom made my prom dress from scratch for a dance in high school! Probably my favorite piece of clothing I own. And my terrible haircut about 5 years ago, baby bangs and a bowl cut. 

You do it all, model, content creation, runway, cooking, music… How do you balance these and do they intertwine with each other?

I am normally focused on one more than the others at a time but I don’t feel very balanced hahaha. Mixing together food and fashion has been really, I never thought that would make sense but it totally does, and we all need both on a daily basis! I’m still learning my limits on how much I can juggle but I like telling myself “I’m young, I can do it all”.

Is there anything else you’ve been wanting to try out?

So many things! Learning guitar, Axe throwing, making my own furniture, getting better at sewing, interior design, scents…all of it. 

What’s in the future for you? Anything exciting things coming up that you can share?

A cookbook, 100%. 

We can’t wait!!

And finally, some quick fire questions

Favorite food? Japanese or Mediterranean

Favorite food to cook? Simple! A good salad or roast

One food or ingredient you can’t stand? Dil!  

Sweet or savory? Both

Dream collaboration with a food brand? A good olive oil company or Maldon!

Dream collaboration with a fashion brand? So many!

Online or in store shopper? Online shopping

Vintage or new? Vintage

Signature look? All Black

Do you live by any motto? I do not! But something like “You won’t know if you don’t try”.

Best advice you ever received? I don’t know if it was verbally given to me, but my mom and dad are both 100% themselves and were great role models growing up. They embraced their individuality and I have always been obsessed with that.