Franky Wah also known as Luke Storrs, grew up in Yorkshire on his family’s farm, and embodies the quintessential traits of his region: down-to-earth, savvy, and hardworking with an entrepreneurial spirit. Formerly a bodybuilder, he transitioned into a globally touring DJ and music producer, aligning his passion for music. With an intuitive understanding of emotion and dance floor energy, Franky Wah’s sound resonates with electronic music fans worldwide. A series of chart-topping releases and collaborations with world-renowned artists like Carl Cox, Lee Foss, Vintage Culture, and Duke Dumont have propelled him into the limelight. Recognized as one of Pete Tong’s Future Stars, he has merged the underground and commercial ends of the dance music spectrum. Franky’s broad pallet employs influences from trance, breakbeat, house, techno, and beyond to create a sonic identity that sits at the apex of what modern dance music is all about: diversity, unity, and a hypnotizing energy. On the road, he has appeared at clubs and festivals across the world, including shows in Mexico and Dubai plus Glastonbury, Hideout, and Creamfields. 

As a youngster, Franky caught the music bug through West Coast hip-hop. A few years later he discovered artists like Roger Sanchez and Paul Johnson, among others, and fell head over heels for dance music – one of his key influences being ‘Saltwater’ by the legendary Chicane. By his late teens, he was spending all his spare time learning how to make music on a ‘crappy’ laptop in his garden shed. 

Franky’s breakthrough started with ‘Change My Mind’, discovered by Viva Music boss Steve Lawler in the summer of 2018. The success of ‘Get Me High’, initially made for personal use, followed after Franky responded to a radio callout from Steve Lawler. By January 2019, ‘Get Me High’ hit No.1 on Beatport’s Top 100, with subsequent releases like ‘Words’ signed to Ministry Of Sound achieving similar success. Support from Tale Of Us, Solomun, and Tiësto catapulted Franky into the limelight. His releases consistently reached the Top 5 on Radio 1’s Dance Chart and the Top 10 on Beatport, culminating in a full EP signing with techno powerhouse Afterlife, a dream move for the artist.

How would you describe your current sound? My current sound encompasses a diverse range of influences and genres, spanning from deep afro tech to melodic techno, progressive house, and balearic breakbeat. 

Your music is multifaceted and influenced by elements ranging from trance, breakbeat, and 2-step, to techno as well as classic soulful piano-led house. How did your style develop over the years? Over the years, my music style has evolved alongside my progress in the studio.  As I dived deeper into the technical aspects of music production, I began to explore the core of it. This deeper understanding empowered me to express myself more freely and creatively in my productions. 

Looking back, what were your musical influences and to what extent are they still reflected in the music you produce or play now? Growing up, the majority of my musical influences were undoubtedly R&B, which I guess seems strange considering the type of music I produce now. There are too many artists to name, but one who had a huge influence on me was Alicia Keys. Witnessing her incredible talent on the piano inspired me to learn the instrument and incorporate it into my own productions.

Can you give us any tips on what has helped you develop your career and find yourself musically? By trusting my gut and intuition. I’ve learnt that if it sounds right, then it’s most probably right. I’ve learnt to trust my judgement with my music, which is possibly the hardest thing to do as a producer. We are always our worst critic. 

How do you manage to keep pushing yourself and stimulating yourself as an artist? What inspires you? I manage to keep pushing myself and staying stimulated as an artist by avoiding producing the same sound repeatedly. I was a tech house producer for four years, and it made me feel numb. Inspiration comes from various sources, including travel, nature, the music I hear, and the people I surround myself with.

Last year, at Club Chinois, Ibiza, Franky Wah introduced SHÈN while hosting his first-ever Ibiza Residency. SHÈN isn’t just a label, clothing brand, or party series; it’s Franky’s artistic expression, melding his Chinese heritage, ethos, and distinctive sound into a singular vision. His debut Ibiza residency at Club Chinois left a mark on his innovative approach to conceptual music and fashion. SHÈN serves as a platform for pushing the boundaries of progressive club culture, showcasing a fusion of cutting-edge sounds and high-quality designs. 

SHÈN  embodies the spiritual dimension of the mind, a realm Franky accesses and guides people toward with his music. 

“SHÈN Presents Clothing is a brand offering high-quality pieces designed to help the wearer tap into a relaxed but elevated consciousness. Our products can be styled with complete versatility thanks to their timeless essence – Because Time Doesn’t Exist.” – Franky Wah

What inspired you to start a fashion label? What’s the story behind your clothing brand SHEN? Listening to my music is just one way to embody the essence of SHÈN. Attending our parties and wearing our clothing is another way of doing this, and I also believe it ties the brand together perfectly.

What pieces of clothing are you focussing on primarily? SHÈN Presents Clothing is a brand offering high-quality pieces designed to help the wearer tap into a relaxed but elevated consciousness, a concept which we also want people to feel when listening to my music. The meaning of SHÈN leans into my Chinese heritage and signifies ascending into a higher consciousness. Our first drop included a variety of different pieces, from loungewear to contemporary luxury. We plan to launch future releases timed around the music so everything feels cohesive. Our next collection, ‘The Movement Series,’ focuses on luxury rave wear.

You’ve made your debut residency at Club Chinois in Ibiza this summer. What is the connection to SHEN? We chose Club Chinois to be home to the SHÈN residency as the whole aesthetic of the club suited our brand perfectly. Club Chinois offers an atmosphere and ambiance that resonates with the essence of SHÈN, providing an ideal setting for my music and the experience I’m aiming for my audience. The club’s location, and sound system everything contributes to enhancing the SHÈN experience, making it the perfect venue for the residency.

What are your future plans with SHEN? ⁠I see SHÈN being recognized all over the world, resonating with audiences across different continents and cultures.

What’s coming up for you this  year? This year, I’m prioritizing aspects of my life beyond music, which has been all-consuming until now. I’m directing more attention to our family farm and my personal health and well-being. There’s plenty to anticipate in 2024. I’m particularly thrilled about the music I’ll be releasing this year, as well as the upcoming clothing release. A stand-out moment will be the first-ever SHÈN showcase of the year in my favorite city, Amsterdam, playing B2B with the iconic Sasha.  


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