Franco Masini began his career training with Raúl Serrano and Claudio Tolcachir and at only 27 years old, he proves to be one of the most outstanding young talents of his generation in Argentina. Currently he can be seen in Netflix’s reboot of a highly popular series ‘Rebelde’ as Luka Colucci.

Franco, our readers can recognize you as Luka Colucci from Netflix’s reboot of the international teen sensation ‘Rebelde’. What was your first reaction when you were cast in ‘Rebelde’?

It is an iconic thing to make as an actor. Rebelde has been a hit for many years, also in Argentina. Making the new production with Netflix was an important thing for me to do. I’m happy to make other things outside of Argentina, in a new country, in Mexico with other actors from different South American countries. I’m really happy to be part of Netflix and about the followers of the show. There are many in all the countries and they’re writing me and sending me so much good energy. 

What would you say you and your character Luka Colucci have in common?

Luka is very funny and I am a little bit funny. The humor and the energy and all that, that’s definitely what I think we have in common.

The series has been renewed for Season 2. What story would you love to see for Luka in the second season?

I would love to see something about Luka’s love life because in the first season there is nothing about it. And I expect to have the same things that were in season one. Luka has a lot of power in the group and I hope to continue all that. But I really think Luka needs someone to love, because love always makes things better. 

You’ve been part of the cast of the British hit series ‘Riviera’, which gave you an opportunity to film in Saint Tropez, Venice and many other international places. Why was this experience so special? 

It was a very nice experience and for me it was the first show I did in English. I speak English, but it is difficult to think in another language. For an actor, when you are playing a character, it is a very difficult thing to think like the character thinks. So if you have to think in another language, it makes it even more difficult. 

I got to know many countries in many parts of the world, because we were shooting in Venice, Nice, Saint Tropez and in many parts of Europe. It was a very important experience for me with so many great actors, like Julia Stiles, Rupert Graves, Poppy Delevingne. They are  amazing and so talented. The experience, to reach other countries and to be in Europe and all that was very important for me because I have been working and playing different characters since I was 12 years old. I started in Argentina and years later to also show my acting in other countries is amazing.

Which of the locations that you filmed at made the biggest impression on you?

We shot in Venice, then we shot in Nice and Saint Tropez and also some parts in Versailles. All these places were amazing, because each country has something special. We were shooting this series for many months, so I had to leave my country, leave my family, leave my friends and be there living this whole experience, which was amazing. I made friends with Poppy, Julia and Rupert and now we have a great relationship, which for me is also very important.

Acting is not your only passion. You are also very passionate about music. How did your career in music begin and would you like to see it progress in the future?

Now I am focused on my career as an actor because it makes me happy. But music is also a passion for me. I started playing music in school when I was like 13, 14 years old. I play the sax, I play the guitar and then I started singing. I love singing very much. It is more a thing that I love to do when I have time to write my songs, when I have time to think about my video clips and all that stuff. In 2020 when there was Covid and we were trapped at home, I started writing and I wrote 10 songs and released an EP with five songs. I have plans to continue with music, but I want to do it when I really have the time to do it.

You studied theater at the Timbre 4 Academy. What are some of your fondest memories of your years on stage? 

Theater was the place where I discovered my passion for acting. I started very young, at 12, doing a Shakespeare show and it was very hard because I was playing with actors that were in theater for many years and had experience. 

I love acting in theater. I did many plays. The one I really loved to do was ‘Next to Normal’ and I also loved ‘The Clockwork Orange’, where Alex was a very different and difficult character to play. I think the important thing for an actor is to be in three things, to make a little bit of theater, movies and series. And if I have the opportunity, I will do all of it.

Why did you decide to go from theater to film and TV?

I didn’t decide that. I started doing theater and there they discovered me and said “oh, this guy can be in a series”. I then started acting for Disney when I was 14. Since I started, I was continuously growing as an actor, always working and going to school. Then I studied at university and kept working and had the opportunity to continue my passion. Now I am very happy about it because I can travel to other countries and live six months in one country and six months in the other. 

You are from Argentina. How would you compare opportunities for young artists in Argentina to opportunities in Mexico and internationally?

I think the opportunities are very difficult in every part of the world. There are so many talented actors and there is not that many series comparing to the number of actors. I always say thank you, because I have the opportunity to be working and to have many projects. And I know that there are periods when you have a lot of work and periods when you have less work. So not having many opportunities in Argentina, I got to have them in other countries. I had the opportunity to work in Europe and in Mexico. When I don’t have too many projects in Argentina, I can have the opportunities in Mexico and continue growing my career. It is difficult to have that type of opportunity, so I appreciate that.

Which is your favorite character you’ve played to date? 

Each one of the characters I played has something special for me. In a project or in a series I always try to make something special about it. Each character was a different challenge for me. I like to reach something different and grow with every character. So I don’t have a favorite one.

What is your motto in life?

Trying to enjoy life and to be more relaxed, enjoying each thing and not thinking so hard about the next. Trying to enjoy the present, but writing the future.

When you’re not on set or in the studio, how do you love to spend your free time?

I love going to the cinema, eating popcorn and see the best movies. If I have free time, I love to travel and getting to know other places and exploring the food of the other places. I also love to see theater, a show or a music show, more artistic things when I’m traveling.

Do you have a favorite country that you have been to?

I’ve traveled to many countries and for me it was an amazing experience to visit Japan. It was so different to Argentina that I was like “wow”. I also love Europe. And of course, I love Argentina. It has so many different parts, the north and the south of Argentina. It’s amazing. 

If you could pick one city to live in, which one would be your choice and why?

I would choose Buenos Aires and Madrid. I love Madrid. In South America I will live in my country, I love the things that Argentina has. And if I have to choose one city in Europe, I would live in Madrid because I think it has many things that Buenos Aires has and the Spanish people are so kind and so similar in some things to us, that it would be an amazing place to live in.

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