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Fin Argus is a true multi-hyphenate who continues to showcase their versatility as an actor, singer and songwriter. Fin most recently recurred in season 3 of HBO Max’s hit comedy series ‘The Other Two’. Prior to that, Fin also starred in Peacock’s reboot of the iconic series ‘Queer as Folk’ and also starred in the feature film ‘Stay Awake’.

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Fin, most recently we were able to watch you in HBO Max’s hit comedy series ‘The Other Two’. How was it landing the recurring role in the third season of this series? Have you been a fan of the show prior to getting the role in it?

I binged it during lockdown and it was the perfect bite I hope for in comedy shows. I’d always wanted to do something within that realm of satire, but prior to ‘The Other Two’ had mostly done drama. The character I play is fittingly a satire of the melodrama that comes with being an actor in general. Lines get blurry and I loved playing up the absurdity of that.

How did you get into acting? What got you passionate about it?

I bounced off the walls as a kid, so I joined almost every extra curricular I could. I took to acting because it was an environment where feelings and imagination were at the forefront. I found it fun and freeing at its core, and to an extent still do. The main thing that’s changed is now I do it within the confines of an industry. It can still be fun and imaginative, but as you can see in ‘The Other Two’, it can take a unique toll on your psyche. 

What kind of projects or roles present the biggest challenge and excitment for you?

I find comedic acting to be a fun new challenge. ‘The Other Two’ helped me realize how much I love comedy and how fine tuned it really is. I want to follow that line and see where it leads.

Which role you’ve done so far would you say impacted you personally the most?

I was in a movie based on a true story, called ‘Clouds’. I played a young man named Zach Sobiech, who receives a terminal diagnosis of Osteosarcoma and then writes music to say goodbye to his loved ones in his last year of life. It was sensitive and difficult story, and I wanted to do him justice. The movie was made with the support of many of his family and friends, which was simultaneously very helpful and very confusing. I was grieving in my own personal life at the time for similar reasons, so it became an extremely emotionally wrought process. Looking back, I am grateful for the perspective it gave me on life in many ways, hard as it was.


For your role in the biopic ‘Clouds’ in 2021, you also co-wrote and performed the song ‘My Little Dancer’. What role does music play in your life?

Music has always been my best way of communicating complicated feelings. I love storytelling and for whatever reason, music is the language that makes the most sense to me. Maybe it’s because I like to control and romanticize my own life stories or just because I like making the world seem more beautiful. Regardless, I’ll never stop making music in an effort to understand myself and connect with people on a deeper level.

Your passion for music led you to release your debut EP ‘Lost at Sea’ in 2017 and you are working on your second EP ‘Exposure’. What can we expect from your upcoming EP and when are you planning on releasing it?

My music has gone through many changes over the recent years because it’s generally a direct reflection of where I’m at in life. I took a break from releasing music because I needed time to look inward and think about if I even wanted it to be something I market out to the public. It’s a very personal and valuable experience for me. I’ve come to a place now where I rely on and love other artists’ music so much that I want to be brave enough to share the way they do. It’s helped me process grief, joy and the stupid pointless stuff in between. I’m ready to be a part of that exchange again. I’ve been recording deeply personal and at times surreal indie folk music. Some of it’s very heartfelt and some of it’s very silly, but it all means a lot to me. I hope other people can connect to it in a way that my favorite music connects to me.

How would you describe yourself as a musician and your musical style?

My music takes a lot of inspiration from midwest emo, sonically and lyrically. Though I think it ends up landing in more of a sensitive introspective space where feelings end up being represented through surreal situations. I always write music with just me and usually a guitar at first. When I build the song, I start with bare bones and only add what is necessary to help build the environment of the story. I hear this a lot in American folk music, although I prefer a more modern production style. Ultimately, my style changes a lot because I just like the song to become whatever it needs to be based on the feelings it’s trying to convey.

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You actually play 9 different instruments – guitar, piano, ukulele, cello, French horn, bass, mandolin, banjo and percussion. Did you learn all of them by yourself? Which one is your favorite to play and why?

My favorite instrument to play is the first one I ever learned, guitar. I started in classical guitar lessons and then took classes for piano, French horn and cello. The rest I taught myself more or less. I’m not an expert in any, but I play them to the point where I can get musical ideas across that I need to. It’s a little tool belt for music making.

What inspires you in life the most, and what fulfills you the most?

What inspires me the most is seeing people genuinely excited about something. It could be toy cars, sudoku or crypto. While none of those things interest me much, I am very inspired by seeing people tap into pure joy and letting it fill them up. 

Tell us more about your exciting projects that you have coming up in 2024.

I’ve spent almost every day for the last year drawing, creating characters to fill out imaginary universes. The thing I loved about my EP ‘Lost at Sea’ is the world building element. My plan for this year is to join my passions, illustration, music and acting, all together. I’m creating a world for this music to exist in, so it’s like a little capsule for people to jump into. This upcoming EP isn’t so much a fantasy as it is a surrealist version of my own life experience. I’m trying to bring my experience to life in the best way I know how and share it with whoever wants to listen.

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