Interview by Jana Letonja

Fernanda Ramirez, content creator and ultimate YouTube star, is a true inspiration for anyone who has a dream and is shaping the way for Gen Z and beyond. She is best known for her style-related content and travel vlogs. Fernanda recently launched her podcast ‘A Better You’ with new episodes every Wednesday, covering lifestyle, wellness and self-help. 

Fernanda, why did you decide to become a content creator? What inspired you in this decision?

It was never a clear decision to become a contact creator. It was always something I felt that I would be good at and I would gravitate towards naturally at a young age. There were many YouTubers that I used to watch religiously and I always wanted to be like them. When I graduated high school, I had taken so many videos on my camera and I finally got the courage to edit them, put them on the internet and then get a taste of what content creation was like. Since then, I never wanted to stop. I’m inspired constantly by other influencers, experiences in my life and the want to help others improve their life through my content.

You have huge fanbases on all your social platforms. Which of the platforms offers you the most advantages and the best engagement with your fans?

I believe YouTube provides the most advantage for building strong relationships with an audience as they are able to take an in-depth look into your life and really connect with you as the contact is longform and quite intimate. I love that they are able to leave long comments and you’re also able to engage with your audience on the community tab. 

What do you find the biggest disadvantages of social media not only for yourself, but for young generations as well?

Although I believe that social media can bring so many of us together, I do feel like it causes a sort of divide as a lot of people are stuck looking at their phone and not connecting with others in person. I think social media can be very addicting and if you don’t have a healthy relationship with it, you can find yourself spending hours and hours scrolling,which may lead to loneliness and procrastination. 

You recently launched your podcast A Better You‘, where you give tips on becoming the best version of yourself, learning to romanticize your life, confidence and independence. Why did you decide on creating your own podcast? What inspires you in creating each episode?

I decided to create a podcast because I felt like I had a lot of value to share that was getting cut out when I would film 15 minute long videos. There would be many times where I would record myself talking for around 40 minutes and then having to go back in and edit most of what I said out since otherwise the video would be way too long. I also felt like there was a gap in the podcast space for someone like me to come in. A podcast which almost seemed like my YouTube videos, but as an audio form that you could listen to anywhere you go. I usually try to make episodes that I know will be helpful for people in real life and can help them see actionable ways that they can improve from day to day. I want people leaving the episodes feeling like all their questions were answered and they left with a new perspective.

What would be your tip on becoming the best version of yourself for our readers?

I always recommend to the listeners of my podcast that it’s extremely important to reflect. I think a huge aspect of becoming the best version of yourself is also recognizing your flaws and how certain things can hold you back or keep you from reaching the highest version of yourself. This can be done through journaling, meditation, seeing a therapist, talking to a friend or even just talking out loud to yourself. This has helped me a lot, also in getting to know who I am better.

You regularly express to your fans that it’s okay to travel and live alone. What makes you feel confident about doing thing alone? 

I think living alone and working as a content creator, which many don’t often get to do, has kind of thrown me into being independent and self sufficient. 

And why do you think more people should look up to you in feeling confident doing things alone?

I think it is empowering and important to be able to not rely on other people. I love being able to experience travel and meeting new people without having to wait on someone to do it with me. I always encourage my followers to spend time with themselves because it can be really fun and that relationship is the one that you will have the longest.

You’ve done a jewelry collaboration with En Route and clothing line collaboration with Ardene. What are your next goals you want to achieve?

I would love to work with more brands in the future. I think clothing collaborations are super exciting and even a phone case collab would be really fun. I do really want to focus on creating my own brand though, for the end of 2023 and2024.

You’re also known as the queen of self-care. How does your self-care routine look like? And why is it so important in one’s life?

Self-care is extremely important to me as it is my way to rewind and recharge. I think I engage in some sort of self-care every single day and I always try to show other people that it is possible to do self-care even if it is five minutes every day. I love doing my morning and evening skin care routine, doing face masks weekly and even engaging in yoga practices. Without self-care, it is easy to feel rundown or burnt out.

When you’re not busy with your projects, how do you love spending your time?

I’m a very social person, so whenever I’m not working, I am always around other people. I really prioritize friendships in my life and so I am constantly planning lunch dates, parties, catch up time, group workouts, etc. I think having a strong network of people can really enrich your life. I also love priotizing my health and wellness offline, so I spend a lot of time at the gym.

From 15th September to 15th October, it was Hispanic Heritage month. As a proud Latina, what does this mean and represent to you? What are some of the Hispanic Heritage month activities you enjoy the most?

Growing up in a Mexican family, I was taught values of family, connection, faith, generosity and even enjoying the luxuries of life, like good food, music, friends and laughter. I grew up with parents that always showed up as thehappiest versions of themselves for me and they always found a reason to celebrate. And for that, I’m excited to be celebrating a month dedicated to Hispanics. This month, I was watching Spanish movies, hosting a party for my friends with traditional Mexican food, listening to my spanish playlists, celebrating el día del muerto and learning more about my own hispanic heritage. I am extremely proud to be Latina and to have a platform like I do now, to share my journey.

Photography GIORGIA LOVE