Interview by Marie-Pauline Cesari @itsjustmp

Eli & Fur, the dynamic musical duo consisting of Eliza Noble and Jennifer Skillman, hailing from London, are known for their unique blend of electronic music. They recently released ‘You’re So High (10 Years On),’ a reimagined version of their career-defining single. In our interview, we had the opportunity to discuss their career, inspirations, and their passion for discovering fresh talent within the industry, thanks to their record label, NYX Music. With their unique ability to turn everyday experiences into evocative music, Eli & Fur emphasize the importance of persistence and evolution for aspiring artists.

Tell us more about the re-imagination of your single “You’re So High (10 Years On)”? What was the inspiration behind this version?

We aimed to give it a fresh take, something we can include in our sets, drawing influences from the music we’ve created and played over the past 10 years, all while staying true to the original.

How have you evolved as artists over the last 10 years since the original song was released?

The entire industry has changed significantly in the past 10 years, always in flux. What has remained constant is our strong friendship. We’ve stayed true to our sound, focusing on the journey and never giving up

What role has this HIT played in the development of your career and the electronic music industry?

I believe it was our initial release that initially piqued the interest of record labels, marking the starting point for us in many ways. It’s beautiful to see that people still value the song even after the passage of so much time!

The original song was a huge success, with over 150 million streams. How has this influenced you as artists?

We genuinely value the fact that people connect with the music we create; it’s what motivates us to keep moving forward. This engagement has inspired us to continue evolving and crafting new sounds.

The relaunch of your own label, NYX Music, accompanies the release of this song. Can you tell us more about the direction the label will take?

Over the years, our label, NYX, has served as a creative outlet for us. We’re excited to announce its relaunch, with some highly anticipated releases on the horizon. We’ve had the privilege of discovering incredibly talented up-and-coming artists from all corners of the globe, and our vision for NYX is to make it a hub of diversity, boundless creativity, and sheer beauty.

How do you select the artists you want to support and promote on your label?

We have a passion for seeking out authentic talent, artists whose music carries depth and a compelling story. To discover such gems, we’ve been utilizing a platform called Track Tack, which has proven to be an excellent avenue for artists to submit their demos and promos

You are also actively involved in the fashion industry. What role does fashion play in your life and how would you describe your style?

We both love fashion, curating, and creating music for brands we love is one of our favorite things to do. Our style varies, depending on our mood but we love to blend music and visual elements!

You’ve played on stages all over the world and taken part in major festivals from Coachella to Tomorrowland. Is there a particular moment that stands out in your career?

Filming our live set for Cercle in Courmayeur at the Skyway Monte Bianco was magical, a huge moment for us. We had dreamed of being a part of this for a long time. We will never forget this experience. 

Your music is often described as ‘dark and emotional.’ Could you elaborate on the specific emotions and messages you aim to convey through your productions?

As creatives, we both require an outlet for our artistic expression. We draw inspiration from everyday life experiences, transforming them into music. It can be anything that serves as the foundation for a song. We are fortunate to create electronic music that allows us to narrate stories through our sound. 

What are your musical and artistic influences when creating new songs?

By being on the road, thanks to our personal relationships or by listening to new music… We find inspiration everywhere. It’s very important for us to pause and step away from the creative process. It gives us a moment to seek fresh inspiration et to come back to the drawing board, to start something new.

Could you provide us with an overview of what to expect from your upcoming musical projects?

At the moment, we are working on our next album. We are also focusing on the release schedule for new artists on our label NYX. As well as working on a brand new live show, which we are really excited about!

What advice would you give to young artists, especially young women, looking to break into the music industry?

Our advice to aspiring artists is simple: keep sharing your music, never give up, and continue to evolve creatively!