For today’s women, freedom is the ultimate It-luxury. Afer years of fighting for emancipation or  success, it’s a state of mind. A way of playing by your own rules. Because you do you. No  compromises. No contradictions.

Because you can be powerful and hyper-feminine. A luxury addict and connected with nature. Ultra-cool and white-hot, driven by your fire inside, burning your life at both ends… Shouting if you feel like it. Chilling when you want.

Today, free has an It-conic fragrance. A new, sexy cool floral. Grown between France and Morocco.  Conceived between Paris and New York. Walking the line between the masculine and the feminine… The hottest launch of the year.



She is pop music’s bold new voice. A cultural definer. A cool, sultry beauty with an edgy signature style. No one could carry the exhilarating message of LIBRE more potently than Dua Lipa, the young singer-songwriter hailed as a Next Generation Leader by Time magazine.

Deeply committed to the values expressed by LIBRE, Dua Lipa embodies the scent’s fiery femininity in the ad campaign shot by the cutting-edge filmmaker Nabil Elderkin.

“Dua Lipa is an inspired choice to embody this boldly defiant woman, this dreamer and doer”, he states. “Young and edgy, with an uncompromising sense of self and a willingness to speak her truth, she is exactly the sort of ambassador who can exude a perfectly calibrated blend of liberated sensuality and inner strength that embodies the no compromise, write-your-own-rules YSL woman.”

Dua, you are the ambassador of Yves Saint Laurent’s new perfume, LIBRE. How did your collaboration and ambassadorship for YSL come to life?

I was approached by YSL beauty about the collaboration. I was incredibly excited about it, because everything that the brand represents felt like it was something that I hold already dear to my heart. And to have the opportunity to launch this new fragrance and to become the face of it was really such an honor. Things like this don’t happen so often, so I felt very grateful to have this opportunity. I felt like the LIBRE fragrance really resonated with with me and I felt very lucky that they felt like I was the perfect woman for the job.

Libre is today’s IT-conic fragrance, a sexy cool floral scent, with a quintessentially masculine structure and an ultrafeminine heart. What did you feel when you experienced the scent of LIBRE for the first time?

For the very first time I experienced this scent before we shot the campaign. And I felt very lucky again, that the team was so inviting, allowing me to be a part of the process and they let me smell a few different testers. We all agreed that the final one was the one that we all loved. I really loved the smell. It felt very unique and very different, and the kind of mixture between lavender and neroli. The mixture between the two is just like, you’ve got the masculine and the feminine. And the juxtaposition was something that I felt really at home with. 

The scent is burning bright with sexy orange blossom and cool lavender, flying high with sparkling neroli and juicy mandarin, and blazing hot with smoldering vanilla and glowing amber. How would you describe LIBRE in your own words?

I think it’s just a really powerful and strong mixture of masculine and feminine. Like both of those senses, when they come together, it creates something really unique. And I think that’s why I loved it. It felt like it was perfect for any occasion.

The campaign is an epic, emotional, mind-blowing, eye-dazzling call to arms for women everywhere to embrace their freedom. How much do you see yourself and your personality in the message of this campaign?

I see myself in it massively. And I think that was why I really connected even more so with the brand and the fragrance and the team. I think that’s why we work so well together, all having the idea of wanting to empower. To bring up people has always been something that’s really important to me and to have a fragrance that also represents the kind of wanting to embody strength in femininity, is something that I’m all for.

What is your view on women and freedom in today’s world?

As always, freedom and women in the world, we’ve got a lot of work to do. But I think we’re definitely taking steps in the right direction to get to where we want to be. I think women are solidifying their place in society a lot more, I think we’re being listened to a lot more and I think we’re taking a stand as we should, in many, many ways. It’s just a great time for change.

What would be your message to women around the world?

That we have to stand in our power. As we know, we always have to work a little bit harder to get to what we want, but the reward is much higher when we stick to what we believe in. And so that’s exactly what we should be doing at this time.

Will we be seeing more collaborations with YSL from you in the future?

I can’t give away too many of my secrets I’m afraid.

You’ve been touring for a while now after the pandemic and you just released a new song. What is next for your music wise?

I’m always working on new music. I’m working on my next album, but I’m not putting any time pressure on myself. It needs to be perfect. So whenever the time is right, you’ll be hearing from me.

WRITER: Jana Letonja, Timi Letonja