For nine-time BMX World Champion Matthias Dandois, freedom of movement plays a major role in his everyday look. It makes his style a perfect match for the casual California-cool Dockers® aesthetic. It’s exactly what got Dockers® excited about creating a capsule inspired by a man who drives and moves like no other.

The DOCKERS® x DANDOIS collaboration pays tribute to the BMX culture of the late ’80s and ’90s. It’s an oversized, laid-back, and sustainably designed collection produced with recycled fibers and made to move.

We have had the pleasure of speaking with Matthias Dondois about his collaboration with Dockers.

Where did your initial interest for BMX stem from?
From 5 to 12 I played football, and had the dream to become pro. However, I wasn’t really good at it and the coach was always screaming at me. I got sick of it and saw BMX on TV for the first time. I thought it looked amazing and the rider didn’t seem to have a coach that was screaming at him, which I really liked. I got a BMX for Christmas and started to ride with my friends. Instantly felt in love with it.

Did growing up in France have any (dis)advantages or disadvantages when pursuing such a passion?
I think it couldn’t have been better geographically. There was a professional rider teaching BMX in the town right next to my hometown (Epinay Sur Orge, 30 min south of Paris). And the BMX scene is pretty big in France so there were no disadvantages.

You were crowned the World’s best BMX flatlander at the young age of 19, what impact did this have on your life at the time? How has your life changed since?
It made me realize I could make a living off of BMX and it encouraged my decision to quit school and go fully into riding. My life has never been the same since then. I have been to over 90 countries, won over 100 professional competition, have got 9 world championship title and filmed dozens of really cool projects. I’m very lucky.

How did you and Dockers end up collaborating? Is this a brand you have been exposed to a lot during your years?
I have been exposed to Dockers for a very long time. I moved to California when I was 21 and I have always loved the brand. The collaboration came really naturally. I became friends with the managers and they sent me some products to try and I instantly loved them: they were clothes I can hang out in but also ride with. Stylish and resistant at the same time. Love at first sight.

What does being the European ambassador for such a brand mean to you?
It’s a privilege. I feel like they are giving me so much freedom like designing my own clothing line, and we are doing so many cool projects around the world. Definitely the dream partnership.

Where did you get the inspiration from your own Dockers collection?
The inspiration comes from the 80’s 90’s BMX golden era. Also heavily inspired by my time spent in California. I think it’s a great mix of cool vintage clothing, super stylish and very comfortable.

The campaign itself is such a celebration of what all of you have done in your professional career. How was it to work with alongside the Dockers team as well as all the other wonderful people the campaign was shot with?
It was pretty amazing! I had the chance to produce the campaign myself with the crew, so we went super creative. I can’t wait for people to watch it! And try out the clothes!!

Besides his love for BMX, Dandois is also passionate about protecting our planet. He wanted to prioritize that when creating this collection. Every style in this capsule is made with the Dockers® stamp of quality craftsmanship. The collection uses recycled fibers from polyester to cotton.

Specially designed for this collection, the DOCKERS® x DANDOIS logo is inspired by one of Dandois’ tattoos. It is a creation combined with the Dockers® wing and the anchor. Dandois’ tooth and finger tattoo take the center stage in the collaboration logo, playing with the sound of his last name (a combination of the French words for “tooth” (dan) and “finger” (dois).

The DOCKERS® x DANDOIS collection will be available for purchase on from May 15.

Interview by Claudia Roerdink & Hayden Peyrard