Interview by Jana Letonja

Songwriter and artist Delacey wrote on Grammy-nominated Justin Bieber album ‘Justice’ and received Diamond-certification for her writing contributions on Halsey’s single ‘Without Me’. Delacey will be releasing her second album ‘The Girl Has A Dream’ this June.

Delacey, how did you develop such passion and love for music?

I can’t remember exactly, I just know that from as far back as I have memories, I was in love with creating and expressing myself through writing and performing. 

You started songwriting at a very young age, when you were only 7. What inspires you the most when you are songwriting?

Usually sadness, which might be because writing music is a cathartic way for me to deal with my pain.

Your early musical influences are Stevie Nicks and Billie Holiday. Have your musical influences changed over the years? Who are your biggest influences nowadays?

They are still two of my most frequently listened to artists, but I am constantly on the hunt for new influences and artists that inspire me. I also find myself being more and more inspired by things in life besides music. In fact, sometimes it feels as though ever since music has become my profession, it becomes harder to not listen to music and not over analyze or critique or envy it, even if that makes sense. 

How did you come up with professional name Delacey? Tell us more about the story behind it.

When I was a young girl, I was obsessed with Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ and there is a character named Delacey,who really resonated with me and I took it on as an aka ever since. When I became a professional musician, it was an obvious choice as a stage name as it already felt mine.

Before recording your own music, you wrote songs for many well known artists. What made you decide to actually record your songs as the lead artist?

I honestly never saw them as separate paths. I grew up writing plays, poems, novels, songs and I also was always performing, whether it was dance, music or the theater. Songwriting career path came very naturally to me because I was already writing all the time and kind of became obsessed with the art and craft of it. It is still my very favorite thing to do and I feel so lucky to write for myself and others.

Which song that you’ve written for someone else is your personal favorite and has the deepest meaning for you?

This is going to sound lame, but all of them. I always get very personal when writing. And with another artist it’s as if we’re all of the sudden very connected and vulnerable together, writing a story that is either something one of us is going through currently or has in the past. 

How would you describe your musical style?

I always have a hard time describing my musical style because I am influenced by so many different genres. My writing and singing style is probably pretty folk like, but sonically I explore many worlds and never like to stick to one obvious style choice. 

Your latest single ‘Man on the Moon’ was released earlier this year. Tell us more about it and the story behind it.

‘Man on the Moon’ started with me on my piano, dealing with two men very close to me in my life that were struggling with depression and me feeling helpless in bringing them out of it when I myself was struggling with a sense of insecurity. It is circling the theme of needing to be rescued by someone who needs to be rescued themselves. 

You will be releasing your second album ‘The Girl Has A Dream’ this June. What can the fans expect from this album?

I am so beyond proud of this album. I get very vulnerable in this album and I think fans can expect to see a softer side of me than on my previous album.

Delacey, what are you most excited for this year? What excites you about music the most?

Playing live and meeting people all around the world that connect with me and my music. There are so many people I want face time with that I have formed sort of kinship with through releasing music.