Mugler’s Global President Fashion & Fragrance, Daniele Lahana-Aidenbaum, brings a unique blend of creativity, strategic vision, and unwavering dedication to her role. With a keen eye for trends and a deep understanding of consumer desires, join us as we delve into the remarkable insights of Lahana-Aidenbaum about Mugler and the latest campaign for Alien Hypersense Perfume.

You joined Mugler a year ago as Global President Fashion & Fragrance. What projects are you the proudest of so far?

The brand has reached many milestones over past year. First, we rejuvenated the Angel franchise through the launch of Angel Elixir with a new face, Hunter Schafer, a new communication, a bold fragrance. It’s been an extraordinary adventure. Angel is back to growth worldwide and we’re very proud of that. From a fashion point of view, 2023 has been a big year for the house: we went back to the runway, back to the Paris Fashion Week calendar – back to “la cour des grands”, as we say in French. It was a bit scary, but also exhilarating.
In May, we had a big moment with our collaboration with H&M, that was sold out almost everywhere the first day – it was crazy to see all these people lined up in front of the stores, some having slept there. Worth mentioning also that Mugler has been the first fragrance brand to sell digital collectibles on the metaverse, at the beginning of 2023. They were sold in less than one minute!

What are the inspiration and the strategy behind the Alien Hypersense launch?

We really want to rejuvenate the franchise and make it more radical. Alien is almost 20 but it is still recruiting new customers. With Alien Hypersense, we have a new concept that is edgy and disruptive. We’re telling a new story about how to unleash your inner alien – we think everyone has an inner alien and, hopefully, will be able to trigger it thanks to Alien Hypersense.

How do you think this launch will attract the younger generation (the Gen-Z, to be more specific)?

I think the communication is the first thing that is going to draw their attention. The campaign is so disruptive – I would even say it’s weird. Plus, it features a new muse, Anok Yai, a world-renowned model who is young and powerful. I can tell you that the commercial will automatically trigger something strong in people who watch it and that’s what we want. Mugler doesn’t leave anyone indifferent, it’s a very polarizing brand. Some love it deeply, some hate it. We wanted the campaign to be polarizing (yet very cool) as well. I’m pretty sure even the people who find that it goes a bit too far will be impacted, but with a smile on their face. Because Mugler is about both disruption and joy. I bet the younger generation will like that bold communication, as well as the captivating and powerful new woody flowery juice that appeals to the senses. The fragrance tested amazing within the young community, by the way; it’s a Gen Z crush. We will address this generation through a digitalized media plan and many innovative experiences, both online and “in real life”.

How would you define this new fragrance, in comparison to the original Alien Eau de Parfum?

It’s a contemporary reinvention of Alien. We worked with master perfumer Dominique Ropion, who created the first Alien Eau de Parfum. We asked him how he would re-do Alien today. So, you still have this overdose of white flowers, this creamy jasmine that is the olfactory signature of Alien, but it’s surrounded by Cashmeran, that gives this woody addiction to the fragrance. It’s polarizing, it’s not going to be for everyone; but if you love it, you’ll be addicted to it.

In your opinion, why is Anok Yai the perfect muse for the Alien Hypersense campaign?

When we chose her, she was already close to the house. She opened the Fall 22 show in the very same look she’s wearing in the campaign. She has this Mugler energy, so to say. She also has this feline allure, these magnetic eyes, this otherworldly beauty. She told us: “Growing up, everyone used to tell me I looked like an alien.” As if she had always been the face of the fragrance.

How does the Alien Hypersense launch reflect Mugler’s current vision?

First of all, the femininity you can see in the film, with that crazy creature played by Anok Yai, is exactly what we want to show with Mugler. When you wear Mugler, you become a “supercharged” version of yourself, like Casey Cadwallader puts it. Monsieur Mugler used to say he wanted to transform women into superheroes, so it’s very inherent in our
Also, the fragrance is both polarizing and addictive, just like Mugler’s fashion. When people love the brand, they love it truly madly deeply, and I think it will be the same with Alien Hypersense.
There’s also this idea of being like no other: the fragrance is not a regular fragrance, the campaign is not a regular campaign. When you choose to wear Mugler, whether it’s a fragrance or a garment, you’re always making a bold statement.
Last but not least, Alien Hypersense reflects the fact that Mugler is a sustainable fragrance brand. Mugler Eaux de Parfum fragrance bottles have been refillable since day one, and Mugler pioneered it.

What makes the new Alien Hypersense campaign the weirdest and coolest of any Mugler campaigns ever?

We really had no boundaries when we shot it, so it’s clearly the craziest campaign ever. The whole campaign is disturbing, with Anok transforming into the weirdest alien, both in terms of physical appearance and attitude. You can’t keep your eyes off her. She’s jumping, she’s crawling, she’s even licking her claws at some point – for this, Daniel Sannwald was inspired by the character of Catwoman. And there’s something about the senses: as soon as she smells the fragrance, it looks like her senses awake in the most intense way. As a watcher, all your senses seem to become sharper as well; she sprays you, triggering your own transformation, inviting you to unleash your inner alien. So yes, it’s weird, and we think weird is the new cool.

How do you feel when you wear Alien Hypersense?

As always with Mugler perfumes, I feel stronger, more powerful, more feminine. The woody accord brings a lot of sensuality to the fragrance. But there’s something very unique with Alien Hypersense: the overdose of jasmine flowers gives it a twist of cool weirdness that I love.