interview by SAMO ŠAJN

Dana Montana, the young DJ bringing dynamic genre fusion into the club scene, ignites the dance floor and captivates audiences worldwide.

Dana, your music has resonated with fans across the globe. What inspires your creative process, and how do you hope your music impacts your audience?

In my creative process, I rely on my intuition a lot. Whether it’s checking out new music or playing a set, I listen to my gut feeling. It has to feel right and spark joy in me, so that way I make sure I can project sincerity when I’m on stage. People sense it right away, when the DJ is having fun and enjoys their music, it ignites those feelings in the crowd as well!

Having performed at various festivals, how do you prepare for a festival performance compared to a club set?

Over the years I have developed quite a varied sound, so I have been lucky to be able to play on very different kinds of event, varying in vibe and tempo of the sound. Depending on that, I loosely curate a selection for the evening. That mostly serves me as a safety net to minimize the stress, but most of the time you can’t really predict how the night will turn out and the decisions have to be made on the go, which makes it so exciting.

Your sets are a dynamic fusion of house, hard house, and trance, drawing inspiration from the 90’s and early 00’s. How do you approach the challenge of blending these diverse genres?

One may be able to categorize the music per genre, but I find that there is a lot of music that somehow lingers on the borders in-between. I love those kind of tracks, as they come in so handy as binding elements in a set, allowing you to gradually switch between genres or moods.

Loveland van Oranje Festival is known for its vibrant atmosphere. Can you share a memorable moment from your performance there?

It was overall quite a memorable performance for me. I rarely play b2b sets, so I was pretty nervous to share the stage with Malugi, with whom I never played before. However as I suspected, we totally turned it out! It was pure pleasure to sort of play ‘ping pong’ with tracks, awaiting in excitement what your partner will play next, as an answer to the track you just put on. Even a bigger joy was to see what fun the crowd had.

The festival scene has evolved significantly over the years. In your opinion, what makes Loveland van Oranje stand out in today’s festival landscape?

I really enjoyed the curation of the line-up. As I walked around at the festival, I predominantly heard happy and groovy sounds. Over the past years, the hard and dark sound have been predominant in the electronic music scene, so it made me really glad that the more cheerful segment of electronic music is finally making its way to the forefront as well!

Looking forward, what can your fans expect from you in the upcoming year, both on and off the stage?

I will be traveling quite a lot which I’m very excited about. I have lots of upcoming dates in the US, but afterwards many amazing festivals across Europe await.

Later this year I hope to pick up producing again. I moved recently, so I hope this new chapter combined with the impressions from traveling, will provide me with the space and inspiration to do so.