interview by Maria Mota

Numéro Netherlands Digital introduces top newcomer Dalton DuBois. In the last few months alone we have seen her walk through the runways of major fashion houses including Mugler, Ferragamo, Acne Studios, Y/Project, Vivienne Westwood, and the unforgettable Diesel SS24 finale, to name a few.

In between travels and long days on set, she is now in her apartment, in Paris, having a chat with us…


Tell us a bit about how it all started, because it happened so fast right?

It did, I was with my mother agent in Canada for two years before I was able to come work in Europe. Once I debuted with Burberry and got my first cover right after with David Sims back in 2022, it was just back to back from there. And after this commotion with Diesel it’s just been busy busy busy.

Was modeling always a dream or you had a different path in mind?

Modeling was never in the cards. I was fresh out of highschool, working regular 9 to 5 jobs, and ended up working in health care with one of my best friends Megan. I thought I was going to end up somewhere in health care, like a personal care giver, before I was scouted.

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Just this last season you did 12 shows. How does it feel to walk a runway, how would you describe your feeling?

Being on a runway is like a hit of adrenaline. It’s a different mood every time, sometimes you feel really sexy, sometimes you walk more masculine and strong. There is a different attitude and energy that every show brings, and it is a rush of adrenaline to do your best to embody what and who you feel like in that outfit.

Do you come up with that yourself or you are given feedback?

Sometimes there will be a movement director to guide us. Most of the times it’s very hard for me not to take on an attitude that I feel coming from wearing the look that I’m in. It’s very natural for me to figure out “Okay, who is she? What is she doing, where is she going, what is this look giving me”, and I slip into that. 

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I have to go back to the finale of Diesel SS24, in Milan. The energy was through the roof, the rain, the screams, the music, the crowd… How was that moment to you?

It was so good

It was so fucking good

That was the best I’ve ever felt on a runway. The soundtrack, the super long runway… when I turned around at the end and saw myself on the massive screen walking alone closing the show, that was such a holy shit like mom look at me moment! I felt very proud of myself, a true pinch me moment. 

Tell us a bit about backstage madness, do you have any story?

Let me tell you this one that just happened last season. I was in Milan and had just finished a show, got into the Uber and I see the notification for Andreādamo—the show was starting. I’m looking at this and freaking out, like I am walking the show! My agents are blowing up my phone and it got to the point where the traffic was so bad I had to hop out of the car and there was production on the street waiting for me, a team of like 15 people getting myself ready as I was walking. The team had to move with me in line as I was getting my hair and makeup done, while the show was starting – it was so much adrenaline tho. They got the eyebrows on time, my makeup done perfectly, the hair slicked back, and I was walking out as they were finishing tying up my shoe. It was cool.

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How do you think you have developed since the start, what has the industry taught you so far?

For the most part, the grass will always seem greener on the other side. No matter in what phase of life you are in, chasing something bigger is a natural human thing to do. And as humans we adapt quickly, so I think accepting pace and understanding that sometimes you can’t wish for it all has been one of the most significant lessons I’ve learned. Enjoy where you are at. 

And what would you say were some of the biggest challenges you encountered?

To always keep my eyes forward on my own path and not on other people’s paths. It just been a lot of learning experiences. Learning to take care of myself, learning what my boundaries and limits are… just getting over those hurdles every day has been challenging. 

Do you dream big and have set aspirations and goals, or just go where life takes you?

I do have big dreams and big goals. I want to have a family, I want to have a real estate portfolio,and I want to lead a very successful life. That being said, modeling has been the best opportunity that I have ever been given. Im so unbelievably thankful to have the opportunity to work with amazing clients, with my incredible managers backing me. This opens the door for me to own a real estate portfolio, build a beautiful home for my family, and live an amazing fulfilling life.

What does a successful life mean to you?

In every aspect of the matter I think that it is an unbelievable privileged thing to have these opportunities, so I’m talking about putting a nice roof over my head, being comfortable, being able to relax and to not worry. It means to be happy and comfortable. 


How was your change from Canada to Europe? How old were you?

I was 19. It was a huge! difference. There was this specific photography duo I worked with—Carlos + Alyse, love them—they told me “You have to get out of Canada, you got to get out of Canada”, just like every other creative team I’ve worked with back then. When I did and got a taste of what it’s like to be a real working full-time model, I was addicted. 

Do you live by any motto?

Everything happens for a reason. I’m a firm believer in that. 

What inspires you?

The stories that people share about their lives and experiences. My family inspires me. All of my beautiful friends inspire me. Cheesy, but true.

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Dream piece of clothing to own?

Anything, and I mean anything! from Thierry Mugler Fall/Winter 95. I would give an arm and a leg to own anything from that show. 

In five years time, how is Dalton doing? What is she up to?

Dalton will still be doing her thing, she will still be figuring things out but hopefully she will still be in this amazing industry surrounded by these incredible people. I really do love it. I hope to god that I have the chance to still be modeling and loving it just as much!

Okay that’s it! Thank you, I’m so excited

I’m so excited!!!

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model Dalton DuBois @itsdaltond

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