Count Nikolai of Monpezat is a member of the Danish royal family and currently seventh in the line of succession to the Danish throne. In 2018, Nikolai signed as a fashion model with Scoop Models agency and made his runway debut at Burberry’s show at London Fashion Week. Currently, he is signed with Elite Model World – Paris and with Barcelona based modeling agency Sight Management Studio.

Nikolai, how was it growing up as a member of a royal family?

Growing up as a member of the Danish royal family has always been very precious to me. My upbringing has been filled with joyous moments and a relatively ‘normal’ childhood. That said, I am aware of the special circumstances I was raised under and the responsibility it takes too. I believe I managed this very well.

Has your royal role ever limited you in doing things you love? If yes, how so?

My royal role has not limited me in doing the things I enjoy and love. I have always seen myself as a free soul. One must consider their choices more wisely maybe, but I have not felt restricted to live out my life.

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How did you embark on a modeling path? How did it all begin?

My beginning to my modeling path was very sudden. When I entered adulthood, my agency Scoop Models in Copenhagen arranged a meeting to discuss the possibilities of pursuing a modeling career and not long thereafter I found myself on the runways of London and Paris.

What role does fashion play in your life?

Fashion for me is a large entity. First and foremost, I very much enjoy working with fashion. In the future I would love to experiment with more aspects of the industry. Design is an art form I much respect and fashion can be a way to express oneself.

You’ve walked many runways in your modeling years. What is the most exciting part of walking the runway at a Fashion week?

The most exciting part about walking the runway at various fashion weeks is the whole buzz connected to it. The huge amount of work that goes into every little detail is remarkable and when I get the opportunity to represent a fashion house or a clothing line, I want to participate to this perfection.

Do you have a designer you connect with the most, not only because of their style and clothing, but because of their vision and values?

Especially two designers come mind. Kim Jones has become a good friend of mine throughout the years and I have worked with him on his projects for Christian Dior several times.

Pharell Williams is another designer whom I admire for his work and vision, also beyond fashion. I hope to work with him one day.

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You are studying at Copenhagen Business School, which enabled you to spend a semester in Paris. How was the experience of living abroad and in such a fashion capital nonetheless?

My experiences in Paris were fabulous. I was of course studying in the city, but I enjoyed that I could work with modeling simultaneously.

Even more excitingly, you’ll be spending a semester in Australia this Fall. How excited are you for this? How did you decide on Australia in particular?

The upcoming semester I will spend in Australia studying elective courses. It is an adventure I am stoked to begin and super excited to live abroad again. The choice fell on Australia because it is very foreign for a Dane like me. I have never been that far away and I believe seeing that corner of the world takes more than two weeks holiday, hence I want to try and move there.   

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What are your plans for the future? Do you see a more serious career in the fashion industry?

I have not yet decided on my future. I am very open-minded and will not rule out working in the fashion industry. I wish to try to work abroad and utilise my academic degree, but cannot be more specific currently.

Nikolai, what are your biggest passions or hobbies in life?

I do not have a passion in life per se, but I love living life to the fullest. I believe that I can be the best version of myself and if the path I tread is left better off than I when I first walked it, I am satisfied.

My hobbies are probably all sorts of sports. I love being active and taking care of my body. Padel and football are what I enjoy most at the moment.

interview by JANA LETONJA @janaletonja

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