interview by JANA LETONJA

Corrado Martini is a model and social media star, whose classic charisma and striking appearance make him a go-to choice for brands looking to launch new campaigns. Over the years, Corrado has collaborated with renowned fashion and lifestyle brands, such as PacSun, Thom Browne, GU USA, Espirit, Armani, J. Cre & Frame Denim.

Corrado, what got you interested in fashion?
I first got interested in fashion when I started driving up to LA for castings. Board shorts and surf tees wasn’t exactly the move for me.

How did then your career as a model begin?
My career began through my sister and later because of all the 6 hour, round trip, drives made to LA for 2 minute castings. Testing in LAthen led me to Soul Artist Management.

How important is fashion in your day to day life, and how would you describe your style?
Fashion is fun for me. I like trying different styles for different occasions, but mostly just being comfortable.

You have colllaborated with many fashion brands over the years. What makes you decide on which brands you collaborate with?
I guess it comes down to if I like the clothes and what story and vision the brand is trying to tell. Every brand is different and that’s what makes this job so fun.

What are the three biggest lessons you’ve learnt through working as a model not only about fashion, but life in general?
Don’t take life too seriously, learn to adapt to different people and environments, and patience.

You are also very active on social media. How has social media in your opinion changed our lives?
That’s such a tricky question because it’s changed everyone’s lives for so many different reasons. For me, it’s allowed me to do more with my career than I ever thought possible by connecting with people I would’ve never had the chance to meet.

What do you personally see as biggest benefits and also biggest disadvantages of social media?
Probably late-night entertainment. And the biggest disadvantage I think is the people who shouldn’t be on it are easily able to use it.

How do you deal with negative comments and feedback of social media, that can sometimes be really cruel?
I’d they don’t know me in real life, then what they say holds no weight. It’s just words on a screen. 

Besides fashion and modelling, what are your other passions in life?
Acting, sports and cooking.

Are there any exciting projects you’re currently working on that you can share with us about?
Probably my biggest project coming up on social media that  I can’t say much about, but it’ll be good.

photographer COLE FAWCETT
interview JANA LETONJA