Ahead of the release of her new holiday campaign with Zalando, Numéro NL spoke with Chloë Sevigny about the collaboration and her upcoming projects. 

As an award-winning actress and director, how was your experience working on Zalando’s latest holiday campaign?

Working on the Zalando holiday campaign was totally immersive and collaborative. From the styling to the hair and makeup, the scenarios, I was able to give feedback on every aspect which gave me a sense of freedom and control. The holidays are such a sentimental time, a time to reflect and give thanks, to appreciate the people around us that we love and hold dear, and I hope the campaign reflects some of those sentiments.

In the ‘Unwrap Your Story’ campaign we get to see your various personalities through the eyes of your loved ones. Is there a version of yourself that the public doesn’t get to see too often? 

I like to think of myself as a very grounded individual. It’s fun to play dress up and be glamorous but taking my composting to our local drop off, managing chores around the house, and caring for my child are more satisfying at this point in my life, more fulfilling than lots of other aspects of my career. I have been working professionally for almost 30 years now, so private time with friends and family I hold very dear.

In terms of self-discovery and celebrating all various sides of ourselves, is there any advice you would give to your younger self? 

The main things I look back on and regret are the jobs and different opportunities I passed on, for various reasons. I think when you’re young you should experiment as much as you can, try new things, and be playful. I also wish I had been kinder to myself around my image. I was very protective of it but at the same time extremely critical.

How do you express yourself through fashion? Do you have a must for each situation or a piece of clothing that makes you feel particularly confident? 

Fashion has always been one of my favorite ways to express or articulate my interests and views. I’ve tried to remain true to myself and my likes regardless of other people’s comments whether they be praises or criticisms. Color, fabrics, prints, designers, and streetwear, all are very important to me but having a natural sense of style is something I’m afraid you are just born with. Cultivating that and taking the time to present yourself a certain way is the effort.

The festive season is right around the corner, what is your go-to party outfit? 

My go-to party outfits are generally reflective of the classic holiday looks. Little black dress. Velvet. Bows. Stockings. A black turtleneck paired with almost anything and red lips is a constant.

How does your style represent your artistry? How has it evolved throughout your career? 

My style is an extension of my love of clothing, especially vintage, and taking pride in how I present myself. My artistic endeavors take many forms, from acting to designing, to directing, and hopefully my “eye” or how I view the world comes through in how I dress to a certain extent.

As a creative individual with a dynamic range of interests, where do you seek inspiration? 

With a 3 1/2 year old my consumption of the arts is at an all-time low. I miss going to see art in museums or galleries, going to the movie theatre, or just reading magazines. Most of my inspiration comes through my own competitive drive, my unexplainable urge to create and find fulfillment in accomplishing something and doing it well.

What is your favorite gift that you have received from a loved one? And the one you have given? 

My husband recently gifted me a pair of antique moonstone earrings that I had borrowed from an antique dealer for our wedding. That was incredibly thoughtful, and I can wear them forever. An artist friend knitted a small sweater vest for my son that means so much to us. While in Spain shooting Zalando, my makeup artist Dick Page bought me some hand cream and lip balm from Suavina that I keep in my purse and use all day every day. I always like to think of what brings the most joy to people and play off that. My mother keeps a few plant clippings on her windowsill in the kitchen so I gave her a group of vases so she can use them every day and always think of us.

Can you share any up-and-coming exciting projects for you?  

I directed a performance piece by Lypsinka for a theatre group I love. That will be online in the new year, I can’t wait for fans of Lypsinka to see her again in all her glory and for new fans to discover her.

What people love about you is that you stay your true and authentic self through everything you do. Do you think being authentic and “real” is a key factor to your success? 

The term authentic is being thrown around a lot lately. I think most people are starved for new and exciting things they haven’t seen before. Some of my early work in film represents that to many people, and I’ll always cherish that. I strive to work with people I’m inspired by and who are telling new stories or stories in ways I haven’t necessarily seen before.