Interview by Jana Letonja

Chase Stokes can be seen leading the third season of Netflix’s global phenomenon series ‘Outer Banks’, that premiered this February. Ahead of the third season premiere, the series has already been renewed for a fourth season.

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Chase, you’re the lead in Netflix’s global hit series ‘Outer Banks’. Before the premiere of the third season, the series has already been renewed for the fourth. How does it feel being part of such a successfull series and how has it impacted your career?

It’s bizarre. I am wildly grateful that the world loves the show. It’s been a journey of a lifetime bringing this to life. For people to be so invested is a rare occurrence, so just letting it come, letting it all happen and taking it in stride. 

The series is set in a coastal town of North Carolina, where there is a stark social divide between wealthy seasonal residents and working-class locals, the ‘Kooks’ and ‘Pogues’ respectively. What is the main and strongest message of the series and its story?

It sort of has been sticking to this idea of finding your tribe. Society is and has been in a bit of a chaotic scramble for the past few years, but inside of the chaos there’s a weird sense of growing community. Find your people, what you love, who you love and fight for that. The Pogues have and continue to show up even when it’s not convenient. But that’s what love is, showing up when things get tough, being present when you feel like you can’t. Good people show up, great people stay. 

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In the series, you portray John B., the ringleader of the Pogues. How do you look on John’s journey through the first three seasons?

Trauma, haha. But seriously, poor dude has seen some things and been through a few. I think with the end of this third season, he’s closing this book, tossing it on the shelf and writing his own destiny. I think we assume that we are defined by our past. And we’re not. John B. is learning through all of this to find his lane, find his truth, stick to what his heart is telling him, put to bed the wrongdoings, learn from everything and start writing his own journey. 

With the series already being renewed for the fourth season, what would you like to see in store for John in the upcoming episodes?

Evaluation. Time to take a step back and look at what’s happened to him, his friends and his relationship. I think evaluating where you’ve been great and where you haven’t and finding out how to be better is key to personal growth. At some point, either self inflicted or through an event, the universe will force you to evaluate everything. It’s healthy.That’s growing up and that’s what’s happening. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to grow up with these characters and let the audience learn through them as well with these life lessons. Time to realign Jonathan Booker Routledge. 

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When ‘Outer Banks’ premiered in 2020, it won the award for the Bingeworthy Show. Tell us which show have you binge watched and why did you like it so much?

I watched ‘The Night Agent’ the past few days. I’ve been in Vancouver for reshoots on a film I did last year and it seemed like a fun show to decompress with after a long day. Turns out it kept me up far too long. I thought it was a really fun, well written show. I definitely recommend it. 

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When growing up, you had completly different aspirations. You wanted to become a professional ice hockey player. What made you passionate about ice hockey and how did that passion then switch to acting?

My stepfather played his whole life. I think I’ve always been drawn to passionate people, even at a young age. That glimmer in someone’s eyes when they talk about something they’re passionate about is the most beautiful thing. Seeing a human not realize how much time has passed in a conversation due to spewing their passion. Long story short, he had that. I wanted a piece of that pie, so he taught me all of what he knew. 

I think it transitioned to acting with finding a new medium to obsess over. I have a pretty bad habit of being a workaholic, so this industry has fueled that. 3 films and 3 seasons of TV later, I’ve just used what I’ve learned in hockey with discipline and let it translate to my craft. 

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You have quite some exciting projects coming up. What can you share about them with us at this point?

We have ‘Uglies’ with Netflix. I co-executive produced a film called ‘Valiant One’ with Lana Condor, who has become like a sister to me. We had the best time shooting this and learned a ton of new skills to bring this project to life. 

And the last most recent project is called ‘Marked Men’, which is based on a book series by Jay Crownover. Nick Cassavetes, the legend himself, directed it. It was one of, if not my favorite experience as an actor to date. Love that cast, love that dude. I’m super stoked for that film. 

In one of those projects, we’ll be seeing you debuting as the lead in a feature film. How excited are you for that? 

Actually two of them. It’s wild. All of this doesn’t make a lot of sense and my imposter syndrome is on full alert. I just try to stay in a place of thankfulness for the opportunities and keep working, keep growing and not get comfortable or expect this to last forever. This only comes if I keep working hard. 

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This industry is a very broad one. You have already done some co-executive producing. Is producing and directing something that is on your list of career goals? 

Yes. I can’t say much, but I’ll be behind the camera sooner than you think. 

In addition to acting, you have partnered with many fashion brands. For Armani Beauty, you even directed their short film for the fragrance release. How do you identify yourself in the fashion world and what excites you about it?

It’s been a blessing to work with Armani and travel the world with them. They’ve done a really beautiful job of branding their company with lovely humans who all believe in the mission. I could go on for hours about Mr Armani and his contributions to the world, but it’s only a Google search away. I want to not just work with an established brand, but one that wants to leave this planet better than when we found it. That’s the goal with Armani and that’s what they do year after year. It’s been a hell of a journey so far and I’m excited to continue on with it.

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