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Numéro Netherlands Digital proudly features Chance Perdomo, the male lead of Prime Video’s ‘Gen V.’ Known for his BAFTA-nominated role in ‘Killed by My Debt’ and scene-stealing performance in ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,’ Chance continues to make waves. Recently seen in the ‘After’ film franchise, his versatile talent is showcased in this editorial by Tyler Patrick Kenny.

You recently starred in ‘Gen V’, the spinoff of ‘The Boys’, which has been widely praised for maintaining the distinctive tone of the original series. Can you tell us more about the show and how it all fits into the overall ‘Boys’ universe?

What the Gen V team has done is really quite clever with respect to tone cohesion and furthering stakes of the overall universe for “The Boys.” Our show, in particular, asks the question, “what is a hero,” and deconstructs the line between good and bad. The answer to that question is largely subjective to the individual in the series so viewers are torn between who to root for. Each character has justifiable reasons for what they do, and so the lines are really blurred. It’s fun territory to navigate for sure.

Your character Andre Anderson is a metal bender similar to Magneto. How did you prepare for this unique role and what aspects of the character did you find most intriguing?

The aspects I found most intriguing about Andre is his natural reluctance to being a hero in a conventional sense, and him having to deal with the morbid nature of what prolonged use of his powers will do to him. But he’s also principled and determined, so when all of those contradictions meet, there’s lots to work with and overcome which, ironically, make for a satisfying arc down the path of becoming said reluctant hero. I look forward to seeing how he overcomes his hurdles to be the ideal form of what his father originally intended himself to be and come into his own under the mantle of the hero “Polarity.” Actually, saying it out loud, it’s all in the name!

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For someone who hasn’t seen the show, how would you describe it to them?

Take the action and drama of “X-Men,” sprinkle in the awkward hilarity of “American Pie,” and then you’ve got a kickass, fucked up version of the American College experience.

From ‘Killed by My Debt’ to ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, you have skillfully navigated through a wide range of projects. How do you choose your roles and what do you look for in ascript or character that attracts you?

I generally look for characters and content I can “sink my teeth into.” I like to change my body, accent and speech patterns to best suit who they are. I think there’s a fine line between “character acting” and not. I have a good time trying to find the balance of what people might expect of me as well as changing enough for them to really be able to dive into the world of whichever project or franchise they’re watching.

You played a scene-stealing role of Ambrose Spellman in ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’. How was the experience working on such a successful Netflix show, and what drew you to the character?

I remember I was filming “Killed by my Debt” at the time, and I was feeling the heaviness of the subject matter. The audition for “Sabrina” came through on my day off and the character seemed so different to what I was doing. It gave me a chance to shake off the heaviness for a second, and then that turned into 10 months apiece out in Vancouver! I’d say, to this day, it was one of the most fun yet gruelling experiences I’ve had, and I’m very grateful to have had such a big introduction to large budget franchises. Everything, by comparison is quite a bit more easy from the lessons I learned during that time.

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To truly and officially support your talent, BAFTA honored you as one of their ‘Breakthrough Brits’. How did it feel to receive such recognition and how do you see your role in shaping the future of the entertainment industry?

My time with BAFTA has been an excellent one. It was a pleasure to be nominated, honoured as a “Breakthrough Brit” then, eventually, serve on the BAFTA film committee for two years. What they’re doing definitely ripples through the zeitgeist of the industry and it was a pleasure to play a small role and to see how it all unfolds. I’d love to continue and build upon my relationship with BAFTA as the years progress. They’re truly at the forefront of the industry (on this side of
the pond).

On top of ‘Breakthrough Brits’, your performance in ‘Killed by My Dept’ earned you a BAFTA TV Award nomination for Lead Actor. How did this recognition impact your career and how do you approach roles that are emotionally charged and demanding?

It was a very hectic time, which I am immensely grateful for. “Breakthrough Brit,” the nomination and the success of “Sabrina” all happened within 2019. I was knee-deep in my work on “Sabrina” at the time and then COVID hit. I’m not sure I can accurately quantify how it affected my career but I do know that, for a time, my agents were getting more and more availability checks – and from industry folk I have always looked up to. It’s a good indicator, I think, that I’m on the right path. Especially because I love what I do.

Besides ‘Gen V’, you have recently also starred in the continuation of the ‘After’ film franchise. What was your experience like joining an established and popular franchise based on a famous book series?

It was a pleasure to be able to hop into a franchise of that nature and be received so well by the fans and castmates alike. I think, despite COVID, it was around that time that my team started to see what path my career was starting to take shape towards. I feel very lucky to be able to continue to work with large franchises. There’s really no better education, in my mind.

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As an actor, you’ve demonstrated a great deal of versatility in your roles. How do you approach each character uniquely and what aspects of the acting career do you find most fulfilling?

I tend to, in a “wishy-washy-actor-way,” let my character come to me and I’ll improvise a lot – if the creative team will let me. So, my approach is usually the same in terms of getting myself comfortable, but the outcome is different each time I play a new character. I think you’ve got to be hardworking but not not stressed about what comes out and let it be what it wants to be. If I can “flow,” there’s no feeling like it. I’m most at home in the world between “action” and “cut.”

What are your aspirations for the future of your career? Are there specific genres or types of roles you’d like to explore in the coming years?

Hard hitting drama as well as large scale action is the direction we’re pushing for creatively. I’m currently training to better allow the insurance of whichever production I work on to subsequently allow me to do that. Whether that takes the form of large budget studio productions or taking things of a more independent nature to market, we’ve got our eyes set on that path.

With 2024 just beginning, are there any new projects you’ve been working on that we can be looking forward to seeing from you this year?

I just wrapped production on an action comedy that hasn’t been announced, but I’m excited for audiences to see me in this role. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had. Right now, I’m prepping for “Gen V” season 2, and there is another potential project for later this year. I like being on the road, if you will.

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