Interview by Claudia Aisa

Numéro Netherlands Digital introduces Cesar Casier, a multifaceted individual who seamlessly navigates the worlds of modeling, culinary exploration, travel, and literature. Proudly the author of two cookbooks, “Model Kitchen” and “Cesar’s Kitchen,” as well as the travel guide “Trippin,” Cesar has recently unveiled the Cesar Casier Knitwear Collection. We have been lucky enough to chat with him about his passion for both the culinary arts and the fashion world.

Hello, Cesar! It’s a pleasure to meet you. Could you please share your journey from a successful model to a food blogger and now pursuing other projects such as a fashion line and knitwear collection? What prompted this change, and how do you believe it has influenced your identity?

Hi Numero NL! I moved to NYC at 19 for modeling after finishing acting school. After a few years, the routine of castings, traveling, and fittings started feeling repetitive. As a model, with free time between jobs, I sought something useful and exciting to showcase my multifaceted identity. With a deep passion for both fashion and food, inspired by my father’s culinary skills and my mom’s high-end fashion store in Gent, I decided to take the next step. I’m still modeling, but now I have the luxury to choose the jobs I’m truly interested in.

Given your diverse background in modeling, food blogging, and fashion design, what sets you apart in the fashion and food industries?

I believe my energy and the extensive travel opportunities modeling provides make me very attuned to global fashion and food trends.

You developed an interest in food at a young age, leading to the creation of your food blog, “The Cesar Salad.” How has your love for food influenced your career and the projects you’ve taken on?

While not a professional chef, I’ve always been a fervent food lover. My blog, “The Cesar Salad,” allowed me to share recipes gathered from travels and other models, eventually leading to my first cookbook, ‘Model Kitchen,’ a decade ago. I’m currently working on my fourth book.

Growing up in a fashion-centric household, how did your mother and stepmother’s influences shape your thoughts on fashion, inspiring you to create the Cesar Casier Knitwear Collection?

Both women are inspirations with unique styles. They actively support my collection, which is a casual/chic line for both men and women, proudly 100% made in Belgium.

How do you balance modeling and food blogging, and do they ever intersect creatively for you?

It’s a great mix for me. Modeling allows me to travel and explore, while cooking provides a calm and relaxed feeling at home. Cooking, for me, is warm and cozy, a stark contrast to the often lonely nature of modeling.

You’ve authored a travel book, “Trippin.” How has your passion for travel inspired your work, and what do you hope readers take away from your experiences?

Traveling is my greatest love. “Trippin” serves as a fun guide for those seeking recommendations on fashion, art, shopping, and dining in various cities based on my experiences.

You’ve taken on various projects, including your most recent cookbook, fashion line, and knitwear collection. Can you tell us about your latest initiatives and what inspired you to pursue them?

I thrive on challenges and enjoy pushing my limits. I want to do it all, embracing the philosophy of YOLO!

Can you share any sneak peeks into new projects or endeavors you’re passionate about or currently working on?

Currently, I’m focused on promoting my latest cookbook, ‘Model Kitchen,’ with interviews, book signings, and a pop-up store for my clothing line in Antwerp. No new big projects for now, but who knows? Maybe a restaurant or a dance club in the future? Let’s talk in six months. (laughs)

Outside of your various projects, how do you ideally spend your time on a free day?

On a free day, I love indulging in sleep, hitting the gym, enjoying a sauna, having a late breakfast or brunch, exploring art galleries, catching a movie, and ending the day with friends over for drinks and dancing till the early morning.

To conclude, what are your top three favorite dishes, ranging from simple to elaborate?

  1. Pasta with fennel sausage in tomato sauce.
  2. Belgian dish called vol-au-vent, a chicken stew.
  3. Dessert: Matcha tiramisu.