Interview by Jana Letonja

Carlacia Grant is one of the stars od Netflix’s ‘Outer Banks’, which premiered its third season in February and has already been renewed for the upcoming, fourth season.

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Carlacia, you star in Netflix’s hit series ‘Outer Banks’. How has this role and this series impacted your career as an actress?

This role has impacted my career in a very powerful way because as the world is changing every day, I get to be an inspiration and a big influence on the generations of Caribbean people and black women all while doing what I love and showcasing my passion in the most memorable way. 

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Your character Cleo is a fearless Nassau girl who is now part of the Pogues and had a juicy love story with Pope in the third season. How would you describe Cleo’s personality and story in the series?

She’s extremely fearless and definitely an adrenaline seeker. She’s a ride or die and just someone that you would love to have by your side. 

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Why is the love story between Cleo and Pope so unique? What would you like to see in store for them in the fourth season?

Cultural representation. It’s not very common to see two dark skinned characters exhibit black love on large platforms,which I think plays a huge role in how people see love in real life. Obviously they may or may not come across some problems along the way, but I would love for them to be able to work through conflicts together in a healthy way.

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So far, which storyline from ‘Outer Banks’ left the biggest mark on you?

Cleo getting her own room. That storyline was really touching to me because I used an experience my mom told me about and talked to the writers about it and they actually used it.

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What are some of your favorite memories from the set?

Filming in Barbados always has the sweetest memories. Especially in 2021, because of Covid we had an entire hotel to ourselves. The whole island was basically closed, so we would be together playing music, dancing, playing games, just sitting around the beach. We truly connected during those times.


What made you realize you have passion for acting? How did your acting career start?

When I was younger, I would look for auditions online and my mom would drive me to Miami to take me to them. My first couple of auditions I was fearless. I always jumped at the first opportunity to be in front of the camera and perfecting my craft, just excited to be doing what I always dreamed of. I remember having a calming confidence knowing that’s where I was supposed to be. 

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Your heritage is a very interesting one. You are Haitian Jamaican American. How would you say this heritage defined you as a person and your values in life?

My culture and my heritage is and always has been super important to me. Making sure I knew where I came from, my family and my ancestors have pretty much shaped me into who I am. Being a first generation American, I was told a lot about the value of the ‘American dream’. From my family’s perspective, they sacrificed everything to move to the United States to give us a better opportunity. I was always told “This is America, you can do whatever you want. You can be born poor, but die rich”. Statements like all the above gave me a strong work ethic and helped me believe all of my dreams were possible. The West Indian culture is big on honoring our families and striving for greatness. 

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Your upbringing enabled you to travel all around the world. What is the most valuable experience you’ve gotten from traveling to all the different countries of our beautiful planet?

Getting to explore other people’s cultures and way of life has always been a blessing to me. You really get to see all the different things that make each place its own, but you also learn to appreciate the things you have access to,because it’s not the same everywhere. It’s a really valuable experience, to say the least.

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Carlacia, tell us something exciting about yourself that we don’t know.

I am a phenomenal chef. My love for cooking is definitely inspired by both sides of my culture.


What can you share with us about your upcoming projects, that we’ll be able to see you in?

There hasn’t been any official announcements just yet, but when I can talk about it, I will.

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