Interview by Jana Letonja

With a career that spans over two decades of continuous work, Brittany Snow is one of the most dedicated andrecognizable actors in Hollywood. This March, she debuted her directorial feature film ‘Parachute’ at the SXSW Film Festival in the Narrative Feature Competition.

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Brittany, you’ve had quite a lenghty and rich career so far. You made your on-screen debut at the age of 12. What made you passionate about acting in the first place?

Even when I was a kid, I was constantly putting on plays, performances, impressions and re enactments of movies I had just watched. I loved the idea of playing someone else or experiencing make believe for a short time. My mom saw how much I was drawn to performing and at age 6 I started doing commercials. Around the age 12, I knew I wanted to act as a hobby or as a ‘sport’, as my mom liked to call it. Mostly because I really liked the feeling of getting to an emotional place and losing yourself in an intense feeling. Not sure what that says about me as a child.

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Your on-screen talents are showcased in all forms of entertainment, including drama, comedy and music. Which genre do you feel the closest to and why?

I really like all of them. I wouldn’t say I’m very close to musicals in terms of performing in them. Although, I love watching them. People put me in musicals and I’ve appreciated that, but singing is one of my greatest fears to do in front of people. I’m very shy in large groups and get nervous singing in front of people. I feel I like the immediacy and adrenaline of comedy and how timing is so integral. I also love the chemistry between a camera and a performance with acting, how every thought can be conveyed and every choice is Influenced by a larger understanding of the whole character. That pertains to all genres of course, but with drama there’s a stillness I really love and appreciate.

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With all the work you’ve done, you got to portray immensive amount of different characters. Which character did excite you the most and which did you find the hardest to portray?

All the characters I’ve played have excited me since they are all different parts of me. Despite if they have little to do with me or my current life. I can find things about my personality, ideals, mannerisms or mindsets that connect to the character I create. When I played a Nazi on ‘Nip Tuck’, I definitely had nothing in common with those morals or ideals, but I could relate to her need, especially in her early 20s, to be accepted by her family and community. I think my favorite character I’ve played lately was Bobby-Lynne in ‘X’. Getting to really immerse myself in someone so unabashedly confident was very fun. It made me truly walk around differently.

Many people recognize you best from your role as Chloe in the ‘Pitch Perfect’ films. For this role you got to sing as well. Like you said, singing is not something that is your passion. But, did you or would you ever consider it as a career path?

Weirdly, I sing in the shower and to my dog, but I would not consider myself a singer at all. I love those movies and I am so grateful for them. I love singing with my friend Kelley at her piano or when I’m alone, but I doubt I’ll ever come out with an album. I actually bet on it. 

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This month, you debuted your directorial feature film ‘Parachute’ at the SXSW Film Festival in the Narrative Feature Competition. This drama tells the story of two people who meet after being released from precarious situations on the exact same dayEthan was released from jail for throwing a bottle of wine off a balcony, while Riley was released from rehab for an eating disorder, love addiction and suicide attempt. What inspired this film?

I’ve always wanted to write and direct. It’s been a goal and passion of mine. But I wanted to make sure when I did something, that it really mattered to me. I know that I needed this film when I was younger and I think it could have helped me in a lot of ways. Sometimes you need to see yourself in a character in order to understand a situation, so I wanted to write something that would help people better understand themselves.

I needed this movie when I was going through it and I have been seeing a pattern lately with young people and even friends of mine struggling with body image as a result of social media. I felt that this was a topic that we all need to discuss further and while I do not necessarily have answers or solutions, I know that we need to address the elephant in the room. I have always loved movies about mental health and hardships in relationships, but I’ve always felt that for me, the real beauty is in trying to live with the hardship, not despite of it.

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How was it for you being on the other side of the camera, in the shoes of a director?

It was challenging, rewarding, beautiful, scary, tiring and so much damn fun. I was very influenced by the directors I worked with. Having been on so many sets and having had the chance to work with immensely talented filmmakers and actors, I was able to draw on those experiences when stepping behind the camera for ‘Parachute’. I remember being interested in directing when I was on set as a kid because it seemed so fun to put together a puzzle, in a way. A set is a cohesive machine and nothing gets done without everyone’s involvement. I love directors who know how to create a collaborative and inspiring environment.

What are your future goals for your career? More directing and producing instead of being in front of the camera?

I would love to keep directing, writing and producing. I find that it’s a different part of my brain I really find challenging and fun. I want to collaborate more and stretch different muscles. I was terrified to fail and I think it really pushed my perfectionism. I did it anyway and I’m proud of myself for that. I would love to start my production company and create films I hope can help someone else. 

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You are a committed advocate for mental health and have co-founded ‘September Letters’ in 2020 with Jaspre Guest and Mental Health Coalition to create a community and support for anyone dealing with this. What is some of the work you do with ‘September Letters’?

We are a mental health organization and therapeutic letter writing experience. We have a book coming out in May,also called ‘September Letters’. It’s a collection of letters and stories about all different facets of life. So many incredible experts, teachers, celebrities, masters, scientists and gurus gave their stories on how to feel better and more connected in the world. ‘September Letters’ is a community of people sharing their strength when overcoming obstacles and I think the book really encapsulates that. 

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What do you believe we as individuals and a community should realise more in today’s world that we’re living in? What should we focus more of our attention at?

I think we just need to be nicer to ourselves. Have more fun, laugh at ourselves, not take things so seriously. Life is so short and I wish I could tell my younger self to just enjoy it all. I think we are all so concerned with comparisons and racing to some finish line. I wish there was more moments of presence and contentment. My dad always said “It all isn’t ever as good as you think it is supposed to be. It’s not as bad as you think It was going to be. But it’s always exactly how it should be”. 

Brittany, with the exciting beginning of this year, tell us more about your other upcoming projects.

I am really excited about a movie I just finished over the winter with an incredible cast and a beautiful script. I am also doing a really intense short film currently, that I am acting in. This summer, I have a movie coming out that I’m so inspired by. And also, I’m currently writing my next feature script to direct. 

The ‘September Letters’ book by Harper Collins is released May 23 in all bookstores and online.

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