Interview by JANA LETONJA

American actress and singer Brittany O’Grady is known for her leading roles in Fox’s series ‘Star’ and Apple TV+’s series ‘Little Voice’, as well as her role in the first season of HBO’s anthology series ‘The White Lotus’ and leading role in Amazon Prime’ series ‘The Consultant’. Most recently, she starred in comedy horror feature ‘It’s What’s Inside’ and will be next seen in the feature film ‘Connescence’.

Just recently, you starred in the comedy horror film ‘It’s What’s Inside’, about a pre-wedding party that descends into an existential nightmare. Tell us more about what you liked the most about this project and your character?

It was such a unique experience and collaborative process making ‘It’s What’s Inside’. I was so excited to work with other artists my age to create these fun, intricate and complicated dynamics within the story. Our director and writer Greg Jardin was open to sharing his vision with us and he was also open to our input and individuality. We had such a fun rehearsal and filming process. What I loved about my character Shelby is her deep internal conflict and desire that is threaded throughout the story. I love playing complex characters in subtle yet powerful ways.

You’ve been professionally performing since the age of 4. What was it about performing that got you so hooked since such an early age?

My parents put me in print work and commercials very young, so it wasn’t something I didn’t really consciously decide to get into on my own. All I remembered was sitting in front of a camera and being able to eat all the snacks on set I loved, like goldfish. It was when I turned around 6 and started performing in plays at school when I realized I love to play pretend and make people laugh.

Growing up, you got cast in several theater productions. What do you love the most about theater and performing live?

It’s so magical being on stage. I love the camaraderie you have with everyone and the close bonds you create. I love the rehearsal process and really feeling the material deep within you. It’s also electrifying to perform in front of a live audience and to witness them enjoy the story you are telling as well.

You also got to perform at the White House and at the Kennedy Center. How would you sum up those two special experiences?

Those were such special experiences. When we went to the White House, it was around Christmas. It looked so beautiful and we got to perform for children whose parents were overseas, so it was nice to see them excited and in a joyful spirit. I absolutely love the Kennedy Center and it is such a welcoming place for the arts. I performed there with a theater company I was a part of, called Synetic Theater.

Going from theater to acting on screen, what were the biggest challenges you encountered?

The biggest challenge was learning how to adjust to a different style of acting. Since the camera catches every little detail, emotion and expression, you have to be very crafty and internal, very subtle. In theater, you need to make sure the people all over the audience can experience your facial expressions, words and body language.

Which on screen role so far has left the biggest mark on your career, and also on you personally?

Each role is so near and dear to my heart. I think the role that created the biggest impact on me was playing Bess in ‘Little Voice’. Playing a singer and songwriter adds another level of vulnerability and the music was something that touched me deeply. It was one of the most challenging jobs I ever had.

You’ve starred on the first season of the highly popular series ‘The White Lotus’. What was the best part of this project for you?

I was a huge fan of Mike White’s work before I got the audition. I loved ‘Beatrice at Dinner’. When I learned I booked the role, I couldn’t believe I was going to work with some actors I have watched my entire life. I loved being able to bring Paula to life and her character arch was messy and complex. Going into the job, I didn’t expect it to become the phenomenon it has become. Also, filming in Hawaii was quite magical.

Besides acting, you’re also a singer. Tell us more about this part of your career and your plans for it?

I love singing. Music is such a wonderful way to bring people together. I’ve been so lucky throughout my career to be able to play singers and use that element of myself. I continue to be excited for future roles where I get to perform in that way. My dream is to do a musical movie.

A project you’re currently working on is the upcoming film ‘Connescence’. Tell us more about it and the story of it.

It’s a story about two people from different walks of life who meet in such a unique circumstance and realize they have the same birthday. They end up confiding in each other and a friendship unfolds. Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon are leading the film and it’s their first time working together as a married couple of 20 years. I was so grateful to be a part of it.

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