Interview by Jana Letonja

LGBTQ+, Latinx actor Brandon Delsid will be soon seen in Amazon Prime’s ‘This is Me…Now: A Love Story’, a musical film alongside Jennifer Lopez, which will be premiering on 16th February. Recently, he appeared on the final season of NBC’s hit series ‘New Amsterdam’ and Amazon Prime’s ‘The Date Whisperer’. As a passionate advocate for gender fluid and queer rights, his loyalties lie within continuing to create a safe space in all sectors of the world for LGBTQIA+ individuals.

Brandon, we’ll be seeing you in Jennifer Lopez’s musical film ‘This is Me…Now: A Love Story’. How special is it being a part of this project, accompanying Jennifer’s release of her first studio album in a decade?

It is wild. I still sometimes sit in my car alone and just daydream about it. Genuinely, I’m just as shocked as I was the day I got the call. It was a life changing moment. I’ve always looked up to JLO, so to star alongside her is even bigger than anything I could’ve dreamt up. We’ve created something otherworldly and I believe it will redefine the modern musical. A trend setting moment for sure. I’m just so grateful to her for inviting me along for the ride.

What can the fans expect from the film and what is your role in it?

I play Jennifer’s gay best friend in the film, giving her advice and trying to steer her along the right path. Of course, there are bumps on that road. Fans should buckle up, it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Think ‘Dune’ meets ‘Moulin Rouge’ spectacle level. The visuals alone took my breath away. It’s so massive in scale. We’re talking ‘Marvel’ movie visuals. Paired with insane costumes, dance numbers and insane cameos like Sofia Vergara, Ben Affleck, Keke Palmer, Post Malone and more, we really take you on a musical trip that you won’t want to end. 

What do you personally love the most about the film’s story?

I love that the story is ultimately about self love. The true journey of life is to love yourself unconditionally. JLO captured that here. I think radical self love and self belief is maybe the most important thing in life to cultivate. You’ll need it for the good times, the bad times and everything in between. That’s truly the message of this film. Aside from that, I think we remind people that the best is yet to come in life if we choose to believe so. 

You are no stranger to the spotlight, having appeared on the final season of NBC’s hit series ‘New Amsterdam’ and Amazon Prime’s ‘The Date Whisperer’. How did you get into acting?

For me, there was never a Plan B, C, D, E or F. I knew from an early age that this was my one passion. As a kid, I would perform magic shows or small plays at family functions and demand everyone sit and watch. In those moments, they were giving me confidence, whether they realized it or not. They were building me up. I’m grateful to them. After growing up in community theater in Fresno, CA, I continued to pursue it professionally in LA and then in NYC. 

What excites you the most about the craft of acting and being able to live through different characters and stories?

I think the craft itself is exciting to me. I am always learning and growing as a creative. I think it keeps you hungry and humble. You also get to keep that spark alive. I still feel like a little kid going to play practice even now. You have to keep that playfulness, it frees you up to give a better performance and be more grounded. I’m over the moon just thinking about all the roles that are out there and how much more inclusive it is now than ever. 

Besides acting, you also play piano, sing and have performed in countless musical theatre productions. Can you share a bit more about one of your recent ones, in the Off-Broadway premiere production of ‘The Big Bang Theory Musical’.

I love the art of performing live. I grew up doing musical theater at CMT Fresno and Good Company Players in my hometown of Fresno, which crafted me into the performer I am today. We took it seriously, even as kids. ‘The Big Bang Theory Musical’ was a favorite because I met one of my best friends in the world, Bailey McCall, there. Community is a huge part of being an artist because of how all of our lives intersect. I’ll never forget the excitement of performing in Times Square at the Anne L. Bernstein theater 7 times a week for audiences from all over the world. It was a wow moment. 

Fashion is something you are also passionate about. How are you being creative with your personal style on a daily basis?

I can’t lie, I’ve always loved some glitter and sequins. My mom tells me that even as a kid I’d just throw it on tables. Fashion to me has always been about self expression. When choosing outfits, I like to bend gender norms and challenge stereotypes. Why shouldn’t I be able to wear makeup or glitter? Why not me? I think we have to challenge these norms as often as we can. Everyone wants to feel glamorous. Just wait until you see my premiere look.

As a passionate advocate for gender fluid and queer rights it is important to you that queer characters are represented with genuine respect and thoughtful writing in film and TV. How can this be achieved more and better?

I think we still have a long way to go. There were pioneers long before me that made it possible for me to be able to play JLO’s gay best friend in 2024. They are who I owe major gratitude to. They paved the way. I hope to continue to play roles that create space for queer and multicultural performers. I love that this story, in my opinion, celebrates the gender fluidity and queerness of my character. It’s vital we acknowledge our past and traumas, but I also hope we have room for queer characters just existing. I’d love to see roles that celebrate queer joy more out there. 

You are continuing to create a safe space in all sectors of the world for LGBTQIA+ individuals. Tell us more about your involvement in making that happen.

For myself, visibility is everything. Every choice I make about my career and roles I want to take on comes from that place. How can I advance visibility out there? How can I create spaces for those that come after me? I remember watching ‘Glee’ growing up and how much it meant to see other gay characters on screen. It matters, visibility matters. It moves the needle. Art should reflect our world truthfully and it starts with the people at the top choosing to create space and choose projects that celebrate and elevate queer joy.  

You are also passionate about environmental issues, specifically those that involve global warming. How could more people realize the importance of global warming and its effects on our planet?

We live in a time where people want to turn a blind eye to things if it doesn’t have to do with them, whether that be LGBTQIA issues or global warming. It’s essential we vote with these issues in mind, no matter who you are. Get behind lawmakers that care about global warming and research as much as you can. Knowledge is power. If it matters to you, make sure you find other like-minded people and brainstorm ways to help. The love and answers are in the details and in tiny ways that we can each help on a day to day basis. We have one planet and we need to treat it with love. 

What exciting projects will we be seeing you in next?

I have a couple epic things on the horizon. A film with Luc Besson, titled ‘June and John’, coming out later this year that I have a fun role in. I want to really celebrate this year being a manifestation come true and try to revel in that. So much gratitude for the ride and what’s next. Also a couple other surprises coming out this year I can’t share about yet, but hope you’ll keep up to date with me.

Photographer: Chris Jon