Borgore, Israeli EDM producer, DJ, singer-songwriter and rapper released his Slaughterhouse EP last December.  Again very different from the dubstep sounds we are used to hear from him, it proves that he is an extremely talented producer who can pretty much produce any genre (from dubstep, to jazz and now house too..).

Born in Holon Israel and raised in Tel Aviv, you’ve come a long way in your career , starting from defining your sound as “Gorestep” to including different styles of music along the way. Can you tell us more about your background and about your musical journey?

Well, my entire musical journey started when I learned to play jazz. Being classically trained really challenged me in the space and eventually I was exposed to all these different sorts of music that caught my ear in so many different ways. From even rock to metal, electronic and dance etc. I picked up a pair of drumsticks and then I was all rock. And then I picked up a synth and then ventured into electronics. I was exploring so much and learning so much at the same time. And today I play all those instruments everyday just to produce a single song.

Congratulations on your new Ep. Slaughterhouse! How would you describe the creative process for this project? And what does every track represent in your point of view?

I was in a major house kick during the time I was writing all this. Listening to a lot of house music that my friends were playing as well. I thought of it as a big challenge for myself, and I’m happy I dove right into it. I was fortunate enough to have Armada believe in the project as well. With some absolutely incredible vocals from Dusty, in a way I was surprised how it all turned out. How it fit so well in my DJ sets and how well it was received by my fans. I always like looking for new ways to challenge myself.

What type of synthesizers/ plugins did you use for that work?

Mostly Arturia stuff to get analog synthesizer vibes. There’s nothing like the real deal but even though I have some of the real synthesizers in my studio the ease of just using Arturia VSTS makes it so enticing.

Founder of Buygore records, what are your aims with this label, what type of artists are you targeting?

I just love GOOD music, something unique that isn’t a copy and paste of what’s hot right now. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what size your following is. If I catch myself pressing repeat or trying to figure out how you made that sound, I’ve become a fan and would like to work with you.

 “Shadows” is very different compared to the other works that you have done. What moved you towards that direction and how would you describe the work itself?

For Shadows it was definitely the vocal that stemmed it all. The topline was so sexy and strong I knew that no matter what I did I just had to make it work, and I’m happy I did. I was experimenting with a lot of different feels on the track. The finished product was something I had never fully produced before, so I was timid and hesitant to finish and put it out. But in the end I’m happy we did.

Who are your favorite jazz artists?

Really hard to choose one jazz musician I love. Coltrane Wayne, Chick Herbie Bird and so many others, but to be more to the point the person I’ve been listening to most right now and really making transcriptions of his music is Brad Meldahu. I have to mention JD and Domi. They are so cool !!!

From being a drummer in a deathcore band named Shagira and playing saxophone to being a DJ we can say that you’re very diverse, how would you define your music? 

Just as that, diverse and without borders. I’ve seen and lived through many waves of electronic music. Sometimes I’ve hopped on, sometimes I’ve gone against the grain. But all I can say is that the music that I release, at that period, is what’s consumed my body and soul. It’s what I’m feeling and love and finding the most thrill in.

As a versatile artist what are your goals for the near future?

To keep making music that inspires my fans of course but above all else, inspires me. I want to keep challenging and keep pushing myself into new ventures of sound and music. It’s a scary sight to jump into something new, or something that you’re not known for. But in those moments it’s what brings out the best version of myself.

What are the figures you look up to (not only artists) ?

I look up to my parents, honestly the most incredible human beings and everything I do is to make them proud.

What does balance mean to you?

My fiancé, my dog, my friends, music, fans. That’s all the balance I need. I’ve been doing this a very long time so I’ve gotten the rhythm I need in order to find that work x life balance. It’s easy to lose yourself in this world, but after time and after many mistakes you learn. There’s no greater teacher than experience.

Editor in Chief : Timotej Letonja 

Interviewers : Joiah Luminosa & Thelma Pailhoux-Talamandier

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