Interview by Marie-Pauline Cesari

Numéro Netherlands Digital introduces Boran Kuzum, the star of Amazon Prime’s ‘Bihter’ and Netflix’s upcoming rom-com ‘Thank you, Next!’ . This versatile actor is redefining the entertainment scene, from acclaimed TV series to blockbuster films. Discover him in this exclusive fashion editorial, captured by Daniel Sars. 

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Boran, where does your passion for cinema come from? Who were your icons in the industry when you were younger? 

I believe the passion comes from the desire of being creative and emphaty. Showing people different perspectives of life and possibilities. I grew up watching movies and theater plays, and this was always one of the first impacts of acting for me. Daniel Day Lewis, Robert De Niro, and Jude Law were and are still my icons.

Your career has spanned both television and cinema. What draws you to each medium, and do you have a preference for one over the other? 

In acting, for me, the most important thing is the story. I never put my own joy before my job. I mostly care about the effects of the storytelling on the audience, whether it’s in theater, cinema or TV. Personally, I enjoy and love all of them if there’s a fulfilling storytelling.

Which role in your career challenged you the most, and is there a specific one that holds a special place in your heart? 

I played a Greek soldier named Leonidas in a period TV series called Wounded Love. Back then, I didn’t have much experience on camera, and I was speaking in a Greek accent in a solider posture. That was very challenging and definitely a career – changing experience. It will always have a special place in my heart.

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In ‘Bihter: Forbidden Love,’ you play a significant role. How did you approach the character of Behlul, and what aspects of the character did you find most intriguing? 

We portrayed this classical story from a woman’s perspective, it’s about desire, love, and choices in life and being able to own them. So all the characters are like pieces of a puzzle in this theatrical story. Behlul is a man who grew up without his parents and struggles with the feeling of belonging. He subconsciously wears this mask of ‘womanizer’ to hide his true self. This is something we are used to seeing in today’s world as well. It was joyful to find and play the parts that he was trying to hide.

The upcoming Netflix series, ‘Thank you, Next!’ is described as an ‘extreme love story.’ Can you share a bit about your character and what attracted you to this particular project? 

It’s going to be a very fun project. It’s about friendships, choosing your own family, and your choices in life. The series will explore the many complications of modern-day relationships. It’s written by amazing writer Ece Yorenc, who I’ve wanted to work with for years. And the cast of my friend group is actually my friends in real life, so sometimes it felt like a reality show.

You’ve been recognized with awards such as ‘Best International Actor’ for your role in ‘Wounded Love.’ How do you handle both national and international acclaim, and what does such recognition mean to you? 

As I mentioned before, the biggest motivation of acting for me is opening new perspectives in people’s lives, so it’s amazing to reach a wider audience, touching their souls in a way. 

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From ‘Magnificent Century Kösem’ to ‘The Protector’ and ‘Respect,’ you’ve portrayed characters in historical dramas and modern settings. Which genre do you find more challenging?    

Each of them has their own challenges, but The Protector was fiction, so there were a lot of effects that we were not aware of during the shootings. 

As a leading actor in the Amazon Prime Original Movie ‘Bihter,’ which is an adaptation of a classic Turkish novel, how did you approach bringing a well-known character to life on screen?  

I wanted to show his human side. I always search for good in bad and bad in good, so there’s no good character or bad character for me. There’s always a reason behind every behavior in human psychology.

Your involvement with brands like Levi’s, Ford, and Cartier reflects a strong presence in the fashion and luxury industries. How do you balance your acting career with brand collaborations, and what is the role of fashion in your life?

When I start preparing a role, I start with the image of the character, and over the years, I started making scrapbooks and used a lot of fashion photography. Over the years, fashion has also been a platform to express myself. Not only fashion, but also art forms like music, painting, and dance have an effect on each other for me. 

You made a surprise comeback in the final season of ‘The Protector.’ What motivated you to reprise your role, and how was the experience returning to a character after some time?  

The Protector was the first Turkish Netflix Original project, and I was actually a guest in the second season. And they wanted me to join with my own story in the final season, which was very fun to act out.

coat, pullover, pants & gloves SAINT LAURENT
watch, bracelet & ring CARTIER

Talent: BORAN KUZUM @borankuzum x

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