Interview by Marie-Pauline Cesari

We are excited to present an exclusive interview with Bentley Robles, the emerging electronic pop sensation releasing the deluxe edition of his EP, “UGLY CRIER,” on March 7th. Featuring three new tracks and collaborations with REYSHA RAMI and brand0, this expanded release chronicles Bentley’s evolution from heartbreak to chaotic villainy to the evolved loverboy. Born from NYC’s underground music scene, Bentley Robles, hailed by Spotify as “the future of pop,” combines unapologetic lyrics with irresistible dance hooks. Join us as we dive into Bentley’s world and explore the glittery tears awaiting in “UGLY CRIER (Deluxe).”

Hi Bentley! Your passion for music shines through in the emotional depth and honesty of your lyrics. Can you share the origins of this passion and how it has evolved throughout your journey as an artist?

Singing was my first love, and it felt like my superpower. School was a living nightmare, and the only thing that kept my grades afloat was my love for singing, because if they weren’t good enough, I wasn’t allowed on choir trips. It has always been something I wanted to do, and it has transformed into this essential aspect of my life. It fulfills me in ways I never knew something could, and not pursuing it is no longer an option.

Your debut EP, UGLY CRIER, has garnered critical acclaim and immense success. Could you delve into the inspiration behind the themes explored in the album, particularly in tracks like “HOPE YOU CRY” and “GOD IS A F*CKBOY”?

“UGLY CRIER” serves as a collection of diary entries straight from my lonely and bitter heart. Both songs originate from a place of ‘fuck you, fuck this, and fuck THAT!’ I consider myself a hopeless romantic (with emphasis on hopeless), and my songwriting draws from real experiences, real people, and real trauma.

“UGLY CRIER » has been hailed as a true masterpiece, and you’ve been dubbed the future of pop by Spotify. How does it feel to receive such recognition and support from both fans and industry professionals?

To be honest, I don’t dwell on it much. I’m my own biggest critic; my ambitions reach far and wide, aspiring to connect with a billion people through my music. I constantly hustle to level up and outdo myself. While praise is undeniably affirming, I seldom linger in that feeling for long. It’s something I’m actively working on with my therapist.

The upcoming deluxe edition, UGLY CRIER (DELUXE), is set to release soon. Can you give us a glimpse into the three new tracks, including the lead “IAM IAM IAM,” and how they contribute to the continuation of your journey as an artist?

It zooms out and showcases a bigger picture; you start to sense a change in the guy that was sad, a guy who has now become mad but in a very ‘let’s rage and dance and be gay on the dancefloor’ type of way, you know?

In “IAM IAM IAM,” you mention a theme of fearlessly embracing negativity and turning it into empowerment. Could you elaborate on the message behind this track and what it means to you personally?

I’ve always cared WAY TOO MUCH about how I’m perceived by others. “IAM IAM IAM” is for every minute that I’ve wasted worrying about what other people think of me, every night of sleep I’ve lost to worry over what I said or did, and everyone that’s put the blame on me. It’s succumbing to each and every individual & situation that’s done me wrong. It makes me feel empowered, sexy, and badass. 

Your mini-tour following the release of UGLY CRIER saw a sold-out show in Los Angeles, packed rooms in New York City, and success in Mexico. How did these live experiences shape your connection with your audience, and do you have any standout moments from the tour that you’d like to share?

Performing live and meeting my fans in real life is my favorite part of what I do! Witnessing them in person, hearing their stories, and understanding how my songs impacted them forges an unbreakable bond; there’s nothing like it. Being in Mexico and having my music resonate with my people in that way, the bracelets they made with my song lyrics on them—I will never forget it!

As a queer Latino artist, you’ve referred to yourself as the “main pop boy.” How does your identity and heritage influence your music, and do you see it as an essential part of your artistic expression?

My parents crossed from Mexico with nothing, and I wouldn’t be here without the sacrifices they made. Their courage is what has galvanized me to pursue this career. My heritage is intertwined with everything I do; it defines who I am, and I take immense pride in it. As for me calling myself a ‘main pop boy’—listen to the material!

With your pop-perfect anthems becoming synonymous with the pulsating energy of gay clubs, how do you approach creating music that resonates with the LGBTQ+ community while also appealing to a wider audience?

I create music from a deeply personal place with a specific perspective that happens to be queer. Raised on pop divas, I eventually became one. If you don’t like my music, well, that’s your loss!

Your fashion style is distinctive and adds a visual element to your persona. How would you describe the role of fashion in your life, and how does it complement or enhance your identity as an artist?

Fashion wasn’t initially a true passion of mine; I’d perform in anything just to be on stage. However, as I’ve grown, so has my appreciation for fashion. I understand now that it’s an extension of my artistry. While it hasn’t been a seamless process, I’m at a point where I recognize my strengths in fashion, and I’m ready to elevate it to the next level this coming year.

What’s next for Bentley Robles? Are there any exciting news or upcoming projects you want to share with us?

I’m genuinely excited to hit the road again, step back into the studio, and dye my hair some ridiculously new color. I wrapped UGLY CRIER (DELUXE) at the end of last year, and without skipping a beat, I immersed myself in writing, curating, and conceptualizing the next project. This is what I’m meant to do, what I’m in the process of doing, and I’m here to stay!