Interview by Marie-Pauline Cesari

Numéro Netherlands introduces today the rising star and Spanish actress Begoña, set to feature in Netflix’s series ‘Berlin,’ the highly anticipated spin-off of the global hit series ‘Money Heist,’ releasing on 29th December. Begoña, a notable figure in both European and international scenes, has also made her mark in the fashion world, currently serving as a local ambassador for Givenchy Beauty. She is starring in this beautiful fashion editorial, captured by Camilo Rafael.

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Your artistic journey began at the age of 10 in a dance school. How does dance continue to influence your life and creativity today?

Dance is an artistic discipline that, aside from being a great outlet, has consistently allowed me to connect with myself, my body, and my soul. It has instilled in me the importance of consistency and discipline, teaching me how to work effectively.

Where does your passion for acting come from? What motivated you to become an actress?

I’m not entirely sure where it originates. From a young age, my parents would film me, noting my enjoyment of being in front of the camera. I believe it stems from the need to express experiences that happened to me or perhaps didn’t happen directly to me but evoked certain emotions.

How do you choose your roles, and what criteria are essential to you when exploring new artistic opportunities?

My criteria for selecting a character typically involves finding a connection with the role, feeling a genuine passion for it. This connection allows me to truly immerse myself in the character.

In 2022, you were nominated as Best Leading Actress at the Gaudí Awards for your performance in the film ‘Outlaws’. How has this recognition affected your approach to your acting career?

Simply being nominated is already a significant achievement. It makes me proud when I think about the younger version of myself aspiring to be an actress. The fact that my first nomination was for a Catalan award, like the Gaudí Awards, holds special meaning as I have strong ties to Catalonia.


You will be starring in ‘Berlin,’ the spin-off series of ‘Money Heist’. Can you tell us about your role as Cameron in the series?

Cameron is a free-spirited woman with a complex past. Her history has shaped her into the woman she is today—a daring apprentice thief joining the gang to learn and give her all. Cameron thrives on excitement, embodying a daredevil spirit with abundant energy.

What can the fans of ‘Money Heist’ expect from ‘Berlin’? Will it be as addictive to watch?

‘Berlin’ will captivate audiences, leaving them craving more. Despite introducing new characters, the series gradually unveils additional layers of their personalities, ensuring viewer engagement. The dynamic editing, akin to ‘Money Heist,’ creates a compelling narrative that immerses viewers in a new world within the existing universe.

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As an ambassador for Givenchy Beauty, can you tell us about the importance of fashion and beauty in your life and how it influences your personal style?

Fashion and self-care hold great significance for me. Givenchy, a brand I deeply admire, inspires me, especially considering its history and the iconic relationship Audrey Hepburn had with the brand. Being a Givenchy Beauty ambassador is a profound source of inspiration.

How would you describe your approach to fashion? What are your favorite clothing items that best reflect your personality?

I resonate most with a black oversized blazer with shoulder pads, low-rise skinny jeans with flares, and platform boots. These items embody my personal style and reflect my personality.

With a strong presence on social media, how do you balance fashion, acting, and your online presence?

I strive to give each aspect the time it requires without obsessing over any particular element. Finding a balance allows these facets to coexist harmoniously. During periods with fewer filming commitments, I dedicate more time to social media and advertising, and vice versa.

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What are your resolutions for 2024? Is there a particular project you would like to accomplish?

In 2024, I plan to focus on self-care and personal growth. It’s a gift to myself—a time to be at peace and make the most of learning opportunities. I aim to spend more quality time with my loved ones.

talent: BEGOÑA VARGAS @begovargas
⁠photography: CAMILO RAFAEL @camilorafael11
styling: CRISTIAN B M & ANA SOTILLO @cristtianbm @anaasotillo
makeup & hair: JEHOSUA VOGELE @jehosuavogele
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