Interview by Jana Letonja

Multi-platinum, award-winning singer, songwriter, actress and activist Becky G was born for the spotlight and her multifaceted career has proven Becky to be one of the most influential artists of her generation. Becky will kick off her first US headlining tour ‘Mi Casa, Tu Casa Tour’ on 14 September in Boston, visiting more than a dozen cities across the country. She is also set to release a new Regional Mexican album later this year, which will celebrate her Mexican-American heritage.

Becky, you are embarking on your first US headlining tour. How exciting is going on tour around US? What are you most excited about for this tour?

I have had the honor of going on the road opening for numerous artists throughout my career, but this being my own tour makes it so special. I’m excited to wake up in new cities and try new foods. I can’t wait for my fans to get the ‘Casa Gomez’ experience. This tour is more than just about me, it’s about my fans and my roots. 

You are also about to release your new Regional Mexican album, which will celebrate your heritage. What can we expect to hear on this album? What inspired you to produce it?

It is inspired by my experience as a 200 percenter, 100 % American and 100 % Mexican. It represents a girl who is proud to be from LA and also so proud of her Mexican heritage. 

Even though you have Mexican-American heritage, you live in the US. How natural was it for you to explore your career as a Latin musician?

Los Angeles used to be Mexico, all of California used to be Mexico, indigenous Mexico to be more specific. We’re so close to the border, literal neighbors, so our culture is embedded in many esquinas around LA. I grew up speaking Spanglish. While my grandparents played a huge part in our daily practices and traditions, they inspired my taste in music, so exploring a career as a Latin musician came naturally. It’s an honor to know that my heritage inspires and is a major part of my career.  

Who are your biggest musical influences of all time?

I’d say that artists like Selena Quintanilla really paved the way and inspired me. 

How would you describe yourself as a musician and your development as an artist?

I like to consider myself a genre-less artist. I create from a free place with no boundaries. No matter the language or sonics, if it feels good to me, I do it. That has taught me so much and allowed me to grow exponentially as an artist. Exploring and experimenting with new sounds has been an important part of my craft from a very young age. 

In April, you made your Coachella debut, with the critis praising your performance above and beyond. How did it feel, being on stage of one of the biggest festivals in the world?

A stage like Coachella is a massive global platform that goes beyond just the festival goers. Truthfully speaking, that pressure only fueled my desire to give the best of me. Being on that stage felt right. It’s a moment I will carry with me forever. I had so much fun and don’t think I’ve ever prepared for something as intensely and intentionally as I did for this Coachella debut on the main stage. Plus, there is more and more Latin representation on the line-ups and to be a part of that made me proud. 

This year, you received the Billboard Women in Music Impact Award for using your music and platform to create positive social change while advocating on behalf of women both in and beyond the music industry. Why is this such an important thing to you? How do you advocate for women from all over the world?

This honor came to me the day before my birthday in my hometown of Inglewood. It felt like such a full circle moment. Being surrounded by so many incredible women and having my mom and siblings there meant the world. I think sharing my platform for any awareness and opportunity to move the needle even in the slightest bit to help and inspire other women is an honor. I think it starts with us. Sometimes it’s that simple.

You are truly passionate about your community and use your platforms to speak out against inequality and raise awareness on social issues. What fuels you up the most about these social issues we’re able to witness each and every day?

I think a great place to start always is to educate yourself when you can on issues that mean something to you and your community. It is with understanding that allows us to confront these issues with solutions and compassion. 

Recently, you also announced a collaboration with Erewhon Market on an exclusive beverage ‘Becky G’s Swirl-Chata’, which takes traditional horchata and blends it with housemade cinnamon-infused rice milk, hydrating electrolytes, skin-supporting collagen and Becky’s Superfood Caramel. Tell us more about how this collaboration happened and what inspired ‘Becky’s Swirl-Chata’.

This is a great example of how I wanted to use my platform in a way that may be new for our community, yet was still expansive and intentional. Erewhon was super open and collaborative to my suggestions on inspiration, adding ingredients from brands owned by POC. Additionally, adding in the give back of proceeds from our smoothie to foundations that need the help and support. I love my culture so much and to bring an Horchata-inspired drink to Erewhon was so exciting. 

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