Zalando launches local campaign ‘In the streets of…’ and celebrates street culture in the Netherlands in all its forms as part of its streetwear campaign ‘Go noticed’.

Sisters Janssen are contemporary painters who make beautiful and inspiring art and Numéro had the pleasure to speak with them.

The Sisters Janssen are two sisters born in Curaçao and living in Amsterdam. Ziarah and Tisja create another dimension by blending photography and painting in the form of intriguing collages where the focus is on themes like connection and inclusivity in art. They exhibited at Afroism and created artworks for Ganni and collaborated with Laasso.

Ziarah and Tisja, thank you so much for your time. Let’s start with the interview…

Art has always been part of your life having a mom as a multidisciplinary artist. Did you always know you wanted to do something in this area? Or when was the moment you knew you wanted to start painting as Sisters Janssen?

Being creative for us was like learning to walk. Our mother and father always taught us to be whoever we want and do whatever we felt like. From a young age ZIZI was always dressing up and Tisja started making collages from scratch. This developed both into doing a creative study and because of our age gap we first walked our creative journey on our own. It was around BLM/Corona that we combined our passions and took the time to figure out what it is that we want to put out in the world: A colorful future in every sense of the word.

Who or what do you have as your main inspiration?

Our iconic parents. Both our mom and dad are our definition and source of creativity, light, and a colorful future. They are the creators of the world we know live in and continue to create for ourselves. Our mom is a ceramic artist and our dad creates his furniture designs. Some collaborations are coming up with both of them.

What do you want people to take from your art, is there a feeling you want to evoke?

Absolutely. We want people to feel the world we are trying to create, more importantly, we want them to feel part of that world, no matter what color, size, or gender they may have. It’s a blessing that by practicing our art we can spread a message that in our opinion needs to be addressed.

Can you describe your work in three words?

Funky, expressive, soulful.

How did you experience the collab with Zalando?

The collaboration with Zalando was such a fun experience. Together with a great creative team, we got to spend a day in our hometown Amsterdam. We love the fact that Zalando created the Go Noticed campaign to give young creatives a podium and a voice.