We had the opportunity to meet Adrián Rodríguez, also known as ARODES. The Spanish DJ and producer is celebrated for his skill in crafting soundscapes that evolve into rhythmic and impactful mixes, where music takes center stage and fosters profound connections on the dance floor. The artist blends various genres into a distinctive sound that is deep, melodic, and emotionally compelling, captivating audiences worldwide. His previous tracks, including ‘Reborn’, ‘Storm’, and ‘Esperanza’, have received praise from industry heavyweights such as Adriatique, Artbat, Black Coffee, and Swedish House Mafia, among others.

Last year, Arodes released the Lunar EP on Rüfüs du Sol’s label, Rose Avenue.

“Butterflies” is a deep and spine-tingling house cut adorned with delicate piano chords and skillful synths alongside a soulful vocal. “Lunar” then features more robust drums and textured synths for a darker journey through the cosmos, while “Nothing Left” builds on that with slower drums and haunting chords brimming with melancholy over mid-tempo grooves. “Luci,” a collaboration with Martim Rola, is another uplifting track with high floating pads and an airy groove that evokes strong emotions.

What was the inspiration behind “LUNAR”? Can you tell us the story behind that EP? “Lunar” is a very special EP for me, featuring four songs that define my style: melodic and energetic music. I poured my heart into these tracks, crafting them with a special intention to captivate listeners and evoke a feeling of dance and connection. They have become an integral part of my DJ sets, featured in almost all of my performances.

And what is the common theme that ties it together? Emotions. I like to connect with people through my music, and I find melodies to be the perfect medium for this connection. With “Lunar,” my intention is to spread happiness through music, infusing each track with a sense of joy and positivity.

If you could describe the sound with a feeling, emotion, or memory of yours what would it be? For me, it’s about capturing the essence of joy, hope, and love intertwined with moments of optimism, serenity, and inspiration. It’s like a renewal of spirit, a sound that takes you on an emotional journey, crafting an experience that resonates deep within. As a sensitive artist, I strive to evoke these feelings through my music.

What are your inspirations or influences for your sound and productions in general? My life has always been related to music. Growing up in a household where my mother was a piano teacher, I was exposed to a diverse spectrum of music. Over time, my passion for music evolved from a hobby into a profession. My sound draws inspiration from various styles and genres, global destinations, and cultural experiences. African rhythms, particularly Afro-house percussion, form the backbone of my music, influenced by my deep connection to the continent. Additionally, Techno and House genres play a significant role, but melody dominates in my compositions. I aim to convey these emotions through my music, creating a deeply personal and evocative landscape.

With a string of chart-topping releases and notable collaborations alongside artists like Andrea Oliva, ARODES has firmly established himself in the electronic music scene. His venture, Unreleased, unveiled during Miami Music Week 2022, is a testament to his commitment to mermging upcoming talents with established figures and showing the industry fresh perspectives. From electrifying performances at renowned venues like Ushuaïa to festivals like Tomorrowland, ARODES’s sets exude infectious energy and forge profound connections with his audience. 

The artist holds a special connection to the Burning Man festival experience, where he performed in 2023. Just as the Burning Man festival is renowned for its magical atmosphere, encouraging radical self-expression and creative freedom without judgment, celebrating creativity and community, Arodes embodies these values in his artistry. He wholeheartedly embraces this ethos, aiming to craft deeper experiences on the dance floor. 

Last year you made your way to the famous Nevada Desert to Black Rock City. How would you describe the experience? It’s a space where I reconnect with myself and rediscover values in life that are often overlooked. A diverse gathering of people from all corners of the globe, representing various social backgrounds, styles, and cultures. Burning Man, as a whole, is an extraordinary experience where you witness and live moments that defy the norms of everyday life. There’s simply nothing else like it in the world.

How did you prepare for your set? Unlike usual sets, I don’t really plan and prepare for my performance. Instead, I allow the connection with the crowd to guide me, and everything unfolds in a beautifully organic and magical way. 

Taking a look back  – What were some of your highlights last year? What are you most proud of? In 2023, one of my main goals was to solidify “Unreleased”, a project that has been in the works for some time. Bringing together incredible artists, some of whom are close friends, for our events has been incredibly rewarding. It was truly a standout year for “Unreleased”, marked by unforgettable shows and the official launch of the label.

Another highlight of 2023 was the release of my first EP under Rose Avenue Records, the label of Rüfüs du Sol. This moment was particularly significant to me, not only because I deeply admire Rüfüs du Sol as artists – they are truly among the biggest names in the industry – but also because I consider them dear friends. In 2023, we had the privilege of playing back-to-back at various events worldwide, an experience that was nothing short of spectacular. Of course, performing at iconic festivals like Tomorrowland, Burning Man, and Coachella were also major highlights of the year.

But what I am most proud of is how far my music has come and the affection that the crowd has transmitted to me in every place I go. The happy faces of the people on the dance floor are my greatest success.

What are your plans and upcoming projects for 2024? In 2023, I joined forces with Mr. Dripping, a renowned Spanish artist known for his drip painting technique. His artwork has garnered acclaim from notable figures and graced prestigious events like Art Basel in Miami. Our discussions led to the exciting prospect of a collaboration, recognizing the synergies between art and music and the myriad benefits it can bring.

Every day I work on new projects, I always carry my computer because you don’t know where inspiration grabs you. 2024 comes loaded with a lot of new music. We’re hoping it gets love from both the crowd and other DJs. After all, music’s meant to be shared. Moreover, our focus will be on improving and establishing the concept behind Unreleased, ensuring it resonates with audiences worldwide.