Interview by Jana Letonja

Armani Jackson is the breakout star of Paramount+ ‘Teen Wolf’ spin-off ‘Wolf Pack’. Besides starring in ‘Wolf Pack’, he also released his single ‘Drain’ this February.

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Armani, you’re starring in ‘Wolf Pack’, the spin-off of the very successful ‘Teen Wolf’. How is it being part of this series?

I’ve been having so much fun being part of ‘Wolf Pack’. Since the moment i joined the project, my life has changed in so many beautiful ways. I have been waiting for an opportunity like this and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. 

Filming ‘Wolf Pack’ wasn’t exactly a walk in the park, with its physically grueling stunts and crazed sleep schedule. What was the hardest prt od filming the shoot you? And what was the most rewarding?

I’d say the hardest part of filming would be the hours. The show takes place primarily at night, so we’re often filming from 7pm to sunrise, unless we’re on stage. However, I like staying up all night on my own, so getting to do it as a job is much better. The hardest scene to film was the opening scene of episode one on the bus, because there were just so many moving parts. The reward is getting to watch it all come to life on screen.

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In the series, you portray Everett, an anxious character. Why was the bridge between your role and reality easier than you first expected?

I deal with my own share of generalized anxiety, so that aspect of the character was very intriguing to me. I decided to let the nerves of taking on such an important role help me with navigating what Everett is going through. As an actor it feels very rewarding to play a character that I relate to so much. 

How was it flming alongside the iconic Sarah Michelle Gellar? And what have you learned from her?

I learned so much from working with Sarah. Her work ethic, professionalism and kindness radiates through anyone who even has a fraction of the time that I got to have with her. Working with actors I look up to always enhances my performance because it brings the best out of me.

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You began acting at the early age of six. What peaked your interest in acting and in this industry?

My sister started auditioning before me and back then I wanted to do whatever she was doing, so that was a big inspiration to start. Before acting, I was a very timid, shy kid and didn’t show very much emotion. Though I still have lots to work on, acting allowed me to show more emotion while writing it off as just a character. I fell in love with it shortly after. 

Since your early beginnings as an actor, you’ve jumped over some incredible hurdles. How have these shaped you as an actor you are today?

Being in the business this long has given me so much experience for going into my adult career. Knowing what projects to take, handling the word ‘No’ and just being on set feels like second nature to me now and I’m thankful for every step it took to get here. 

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What are your aspirations as an actor, how do you want to grow?

I just want people to look back at my work when I’m older and be like “Wow, he played some great roles.” I think most actors want that respect. It’s the one thing that doesn’t come for free. A24 films are some of my favorites and I’d love to be in one of those sometime. 

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Besides acting, you also released your single ‘Drain’ this February. Tell us more about your music career and your goals for it.

Music has been a big part of my life the last couple years. I’ve written and recorded a lot of songs and continued to perfect my craft. ‘Drain’ is one of my favorites on the rock side of what I’ve done, but there is so much more to come this year and I couldn’t be more excited for everyone to hear.

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You’re also working on your family’s nonprofit ‘Beautiful Minds 999’, which helps educate people on alternative treatments for mental health and drug addiction. Why do you personaly believe this is so important and such an issue in the world?

Mental health education still has some room to grow in our generation. I hope to bring more education on holistic methods for dealing with mental health issues and create a safe space for those conversations that need to be had. Playing a character that deals with a great amount of anxiety and mental health issues has only made it easier and more obvious that this is something I want to do. 

Armani, after the success of ‘Wolf Pack’, what’s coming up next for you?

More acting and more songs hopefully. By the end of this year, I want to be working on a new film and have released a good amount of music to the world. Of course, a season 2 of ‘Wolf Pack’ is what I’m crossing fingers for as well.

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