Fashion model, Anok Yai, renowned as a trailblazing figure in the fashion world, has become the face of Mugler’s Alien Hypersense Perfume. Starting her modeling career in 2017 after being discovered from a viral photo of her at Howard University’s homecoming week. With her distinctive charm and magnetic presence, Yai emerges as an iconic muse, captivating audiences worldwide.

Who inspires you?
Michael Jackson, Nina Simone, Bette Davis

You are a role model for diverse representation in the fashion industry. What is your message to young girls that look up to you?
If one door closes, jump out the window!

What does beauty mean to you?
It’s important to find beauty in everything that you do. I try to make every aspect of my life beautiful.

What does Mugler represent to you?
Independence, fearlessness, beauty.

Alien Hypersense is a hypersensory scent. How does this fragrance amplify each of your senses?
I’m very sensitive to scents, and I wear perfumes all the time. What I love about Alien Hypersense is that it is noticeable without leading the conversation (I have to do that) with distinctive notes of pear and green mandarin, it shows up for me all of the time!

This new campaign is the weirdest and coolest campaign ever for a Mugler fragrance. How do you think this fragrance brings out this side in you?
While I went into this shooting with the intention of making great art, the brand and photographer/director of the Alien Hypersense campaign, Daniel Sannwald, pushed me beyond limits, requiring me to do stunts, even breaking down walls, things I have thought about doing in imagery but have never had the opportunity until now. It was freeing and exciting all at the same time. I got to touch into weird characters that I have always wanted to explore.

Is there a link between fashion and fragrance for you?
Wearing a fragrance has the same affect that wearing a certain fashion piece does. It makes you carry yourself differently. Self-image, fragrance, and fashion go hand in hand.