Anitta is a Brazilian and Latin Pop Icon. Her music and dance moves became globally known, she sings in five different languages, and her songs have reached the top of the charts worldwide. Her fifth studio album, “Versions of Me”, was released early this year and had amazing collaborations with artists such as Cardi B, Myke Towers, YG, Ty Dolla $ign, Afro B, Saweetie and many more. One of her latest successes is the music video “Evolver”, a Spanish sensual reggaeton song, which placed her at number 1 on the Spotify Global Chart.

Anitta performed at Coachella this year, and now the Popstar is performing at the major music festivals in Europe, including Rock in Rio Lisbon, Lollapalooza Stockholm, Lollapalooza Paris, and Pal Mundo in The Hague.

She performed at Pal Mundo on the 2nd of July. the biggest Latin and Caribbean festival in Europe based here in the Netherlands, where she brought the Brazilian vibes and energy to the stage. Numéro had the chance to speak with her after her performance.

We asked her how is to perform at such a big festival like Pal Mundo today, she started by saying that so far she loved the vibe in the Netherlands “I LOVED it, I think the vibe itself was very good, a lot of countries together, a mix of cultures! Everybody just wanting to have fun, I just loved the vibe so much. And a lot of beautiful people, everyone is so beautiful here”

Just like Brazilan culture, her music is a mix of everything, singing from reggaeton, R&B and Brazilian funk to electro-pop. So we asked how is for Anitta to be representing Brazil worldwide and see her Brazilian fans everywhere she goes.

It’s not easy, it’s a lot of responsibility. When you come here it’s hard to see people representing Brazil, you don’t see people at festivals from Brazil, you don’t see this many at least, and now I feel like I’m bringing my whole country, my culture. I feel so happy to see so many Brazilian flags! And to be the reason for so many Brazilians to join and come together to something like my show. I’ve seen this in all the concerts that I’m doing here in Europe, and it’s been so special because I feel like the crowd is like “oh my god, I have something that my friends from here know and they feel happy about it”. So I feel really glad right now to see everybody”

Closing our interview, Anitta mentioned her experience doing the cover of Numéro France, she said “I loved it! It was so special. Everybody was so nice there”. The singer and songwriter was very welcoming and friendly when she received us, thanks to the Pal Mundo organization, it was a pleasure for the Numéro Team to have this one-to-one interview!

Interview by: Timotej Letonja and Mariana Malheiro
Written by: Mariana Malheiro and Maria Mota