Interview by Jana Letonja

Brazilian actor André Lamoglia is widely recognized as one of the protagonists of the 5th and 6th season of the immensely popular Netflix series ‘Élite’. The show’s global success, reaching the Top 10 in 75 countries in its opening week, catapulted him to stardom beyond his home country of Brazil. André’s talents extend beyond acting, as he has also made his mark in the world of fashion and advertising. ‘Élite’ will premiere its 7th season this Fall.

André, you are starring in the highly popular Netflix series ‘Élite’. How has this role changed your career and your life as well?

After taking on the role of Iván, invitations started pouring in, not just for audiovisual projects, but also for participation in advertising campaigns, which was amazing I must say. Admittedly, public recognition, including across international borders, brings differences in everyday life by itself, but beyond that, my daily routine remains unchanged. I remain dedicated to the activities I’ve always cherished and, naturally, stay true to my core.

Being born and growing up in Brazil, how does TV and film industry in Latin America differ from what you are experiencing now on an international level?

It’s quite similar actually. The only difference is the language. The backstages and recording sets in Brazil, as well as in other countries, work almost the same way. It varies more from production to production and from genre to genre than from country to country. I also worked in Argentina, recording ‘Juacas’, a series that was nominated for an Emmy, and ‘Bia’, and the biggest difference besides the language was the fact that the plot was aimed at a younger audience.

What made you passionate about acting in the first place?

I grew a love for acting because ever since I was young, I completely immersed myself in the world of the stage and theater. I was always tagging along with my brother, Victor Lamoglia, who’s also an actor. I even found joy in arranging the sets, just to be part of that environment. As time went on and I got the opportunity to take my first steps in the profession by acting, I knew for certain that this was the path I wanted to follow.

With the success of ‘Élite’, you gained millions of fans. How do you personally deal with fame, especially on social media?

On social media I aim to focus on what brings me a sense of well-being, whether it’s reading positive feedback or constructive criticism. I don’t see a point in dedicating time to things that don’t add up to something. While it might sound simple to put it this way, I acknowledge that in practice it can be a bit more challenging. Nevertheless, I think I’ve been handling it well. And with fame in general, I deal with it as recognition of my work, but it doesn’t define me or make me someone different from who I’ve always been.

You have also made your mark in the world of fashion and have gotten the chance to work with many fashion brands. What do you love the most about fashion?

I’ve always liked fashion, dressing well, using accessories to make my looks more interesting, informing myself about it to gain repertoire on how the pieces I already had could be more interesting. But still, my relationship with the subject has matured a lot in the recent years, especially because now I see fashion as an identity construction. In my profession for example, the fashion itself is able to transport the plot to another era simply with a costume and this only reinforces that it goes beyond what one might think at first. Apart from all the other contributions, it can also bring a sense of self-esteem to anybody when they find pieces that feel good and make them feel comfortable in their skin. 

What does fashion mean to you and how important is it in your life?

To me, fashion means more than just clothing. It’s a way to express myself. As an actor, I’ve come to understand that it extends beyond appearances, enabling us to connect with various moments and emotions. I keep up with trends, but I opt for what suits my own style, allowing me to feel at ease with being and expressing my authentic self.

How would you compare acting and fashion as two mediums of art?

I view performance and fashion as intertwined art forms. Both demand attention to detail, human insight and storytelling. 

Outside of your acting career, you are passionate about surfing and nature. Can you tell us more about what enamores you with surfing and nature the most?

Since my childhood, growing up and spending most of my life in Rio de Janeiro, a place rich in nature and surrounded by the sea, I’ve felt a deep connection to it all. Living there and being in constant contact with the environment, I learned not only to clean up after myself when leaving the beach, but also to pick up any litter I came across. I even volunteered for numerous cleanup efforts. Therefore, it’s crucial to talk about and emphasize the seemingly obvious as much as needed. We can’t underestimate the enormity of the issue. Many people aren’t even doing the bare minimum. Neglecting environmental concerns in general has far-reaching consequences, influencing global warming, the quality of the air we breathe and practically every aspect of our lives.

You are very commited to social and environmental causes and were selected to represent Disney in the global Nat Geo Run campaign by National Geographic. This impactful project, held in Buenos Aires, aimed to promote sustainable attitudes and raise awareness about the environmental impact of human activities. Can you tell us more about this project, its goals, achievements and your role in it. 

The project’s main goal was to encourage sustainable practices and enhance awareness regarding the environmental impact of human activities. I take great pride in my participation as this initiative resonates with my values, advocating for positive changes and inspiring others to embrace ecologically conscious habits. This experience has shown me that even minor steps can wield significant influence and it has ignited a sense of inspiration within me to continue championing social projects in the future, with a dual focus on environmental consciousness and aiding the underprivileged.

Why are social and environmental causes so dear to you? How do you contribute to shining a light on them, outside of this project with National Geographic?

Caring for the environment and the impact of human action on it has always been something that stood out as a priority to me. I mean, it’s where we all live and it’s the world that we’re leaving for future generations. When it comes to spreading the word and raising awareness, I try to use my growing influence and visibility to reach as many people as possible. For instance, social media isn’t just about fun, it’s a powerful tool for rallying support and raising awareness. I believe in using my platforms to create a positive impact and inspire in some way. I’ve been nurturing the idea of creating a social project for a while now, one that’s not only for kids and teens but also for all those who are struggling. My goal is to offer enjoyable activities that also touch on the importance of preserving our planet. 

What would you describe as your biggest goals for the future, both in your acting career and in other endeavors?

My main goals for the future, at least when it comes to my acting career, revolve around continuing to take on challenging and diversified projects that keep me growing artistically and finding my place no matter where I am. I’m excited about the possibilities that await.

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