interview by JANA LETONJA

The talented actress Anastasia Anotonia can be seen in the reboot hit series ‘Quantum Leap’, currently airing on NBC. She began her career modeling and has appeared in many magazines and fashion campaigns, but her goal has always been acting. 

Anastasia, you’re starring in the reboot hit series ‘Quantum Leap’ as Eva Sandoval, a beautiful and confident bounty hunter living her life in the 80’s. How is it playing a bounty hunter?

It’s wonderful. I’m a girl who likes a lot of action. 

You were born in the 80s and now you get to be an adult living in the 80s in the series. How was life in the 80s easier and how more difficult than today, in your opinion?

I would say that the 80s were easier, as we weren’t in a cell phone addicted era. The 80s were harder because we didn’t have forensic DNA evidence as the gold standard yet. 

Why do you believe is the main thing behind Quantum Leap’s success?

‘Quantum Leap’ is so fun. We’ve all wondered what it would be like if we were at a certain time or place, fantasized about doing things differently in a scenario we’ve only just learned about. ‘Quantum Leap’ is that. It’s an addicting show. 

In 2020 you’ve starred in ’86 Melrose Avenue’, for which you won ‘Best Actress’ for your lead performance at the Idyllwild International Film Festival.  What does such a recognition of your work mean to you, both professionally and personally?

It means a great deal to me. I didn’t go into ’86 Melrose Avenue with any expectations, just knowing that I wanted to give it my all. To be recognized for the work and energy I put into my role as Nadia was a surprise and an honor. It feels wonderful to have that professional nod. 

What is your favorite thing about portraying so many different characters? How do you usually prepare for your new roles?

My favorite thing about portraying different characters is getting into different head spaces with their own perspectives on the world. I find it fascinating that so many of us walk around in varying realities. That’s the power of the human mind I suppose. 

Before acting, you were also modeling after being discovered by an agent from Ford Models. Do you ever miss this work?

I feel satisfied with my modeling career. I had a couple personal goals I wanted to accomplish as a model and was blessed enough to be able to do that. I rule out nothing in the future. 

How did modeling actually open the doors for you to step into a career as an actress?

Well it was through my agent at Ford Models that I was signed with my first professional talent division. I expressed my interest in acting, as I had a theater background, and my agent arranged the meeting. From that point, I booked my first professional audition, which was for the movie ‘The Promotion’. My scenes were with John C. Reilly, an actor I already adored. He’s a legend and very kind. I spent my time on set with John, Seann William Scott, Fred Armisen, Jenna Fischer, all people I deeply respect. That experience was thrilling. 

Do you consider yourself a ‘fashionista’? How would you describe your fashion style?

I have never thought of myself as a ‘fashionista’. I enjoy expressing myself through clothes and certainly enjoy others’ creative ways of dressing. Unique expressions catch my eye before trends do. 

You have quite a mixed decent – Lebanese, Mexican, Spanish, Greek and Scandinavian. Has this impacted your life and you as a person in some special way?

Yes. Being a mix like I am never allowed me to fit in a box neatly anywhere. This gave me an opportunity as a kid to transcend seeing people in boxes. I meet people on a deeper level because of it and I’m grateful to be that way. I’m also thankful to have grown up with a global perspective, which is unavoidable when cultures clash into family. 

Anastasia, can you share with us a bit about your upcoming projects, that we’ll be able to see you in next?

I have a few upcoming projects that I’m very excited about. I can’t speak on two of them, but I can speak on ‘Lotus Land’. ‘Lotus Land’ is a short film in film festivals right now, nationwide, that is being worked into becoming a TV show. I play a femme fatale named Isabella, who drugs the two main characters and robs them. Like I said before, I like a lot of action. Hip hop icon Bun B is also starring in that project, so all you hip hop fans definitely should check it out. 

photography AMZA MOGLAN