interview by MARIA MOTA

To celebrate our 10th issue, we partnered with Loewe and hosted a launch party that was made all the more special by the presence of our beloved social media star, Amine. For him, what started as a random TikTok quickly became a platform that has captivated a devoted audience, always eager to laugh along to Parisian-Amine interactions. 

Numéro Netherlands had a moment to have a heart-to-heart conversation about Paris, dreams, the fashion industry, and escape getaways. 

So how did it start, why…? Tell me everything 

There is no why it started. It was summer 2022, I was at Le Marais just chilling with a friend and randomly I was like “can you record me?”. I posted that video on TikTok, and it blew up.

Which video was it?

The Rosalía one, I was chewing gum at random people on the street. It got 3 million views and all the comments were “Do more, do more”.

So I did another one on the subway, it got 30M views, and after that every video I posted had at least 10M views. I was getting these crazy views and thinking “Okay I’m going to move to LA with the Kardashians. Au revoir.”

I always wanted to do fashion. The day I would become famous and start social media, I knew I wanted to be involved in the fashion industry. At first I was just doing funny stuff but then I started blending funny and fashion, to give this content that I’m doing today.

What attracts you to fashion and the industry?

Well… the clothes!… I love how there is a new trend every season. The shows be giving us vibes. Whenever there is a new show I’m like “Okay this is my new personality”.

Ahaha do you?

I do, I have a lot of personalities. I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing. But I have a different personality for people, for shows, for clothes… I adapt.

When were you invited to your first show? And which show was it?

Acne Studios. I’m an Acne girl, I love the team, they love me, it’s amazing. We just have a love story.

What’s your dream brand to collaborate with?

This looks staged, but I always wanted to work with Acne Studios, Loewe, Rick Owens, all the cool brands. But my ultimate dream brand is Cartier.

And you just did with Loewe at our launch event! How was the party?

Omg yes! Was so fun. Especially when the sun went down and it got darker, it got really good.

Did you get to see all Numéro NL issue 10 covers? What’s your favorite?

Yesss I love it!! Sang Heon Lee is my favorite.

So you obviously use a lot of humor and comedy in your content, is that your true personality or is it a persona you put in when you are filming?

In real life when I’m talking to people I’m being myself, and I think I’m naturally a funny person but in my videos sometimes I kind of play a character of this American non-speaking French guy who just goes and screams at people. In real life I’m not going to go and talk to strangers, and definitely not scream at them. 

I do it when I’m out with friends, I don’t even get drunk, but before going out we just go and harass random people. Or sometimes I’m home alone bored and I’m like it’s time to go harass the Parisians, so I put on a cute outfit and go down the street. People are like “wtf??”, even to myself I’m like “wtf are you doing Amine???”. Then I post it and people love it and I’m like okay it’s fine, it’s less weird now.

Since it started so big right from the start, do you get worried if a video doesn’t perform as well as the others? 

At first yes, I was anxious, “Is this weird? Should I put it?”. But now I don’t care, I just post what I like. The girls who love me, love me, the girls who don’t, don’t. 

Have you ever really upset someone?

No never. They just ignore me, which is cute. But also I don’t do videos with men, it’s only girls and gays. Straight men like….

They don’t get it.

No they don’t. Also older people, if they are not Gen Z they don’t get it and it’s just awkward. They probably think I’m putting the video on the dark web or something. Gen Z is cool, we are just here to have fun. 

Are you Parisian?

I literally watched Emily in Paris without ever having been to Paris, and I knew this was my city. In 2 weeks I moved in, and a year later I started social media. So Emily in Paris is the reason I moved to Pariiii. 

Do you think if you were in a different city your content would’ve been as relevant as it is now? 

No I don’t think I can do my content in any other city, except New York. Because Paris people don’t give a f*ck. If I go to another city and scream at someone they would freak out. In Paris even if they are rude, they are genuinely cool. Or New York, I feel like I would thrive there. I would be like Kim Kardashian type of fame. 

Do you image yourself moving at some point? Or you don’t see yourself leaving Paris?

I definitely want to experience New York, but Paris – she’s my city. Also what made people interested in my videos is that it’s Paris, it’s Parisians, and they have the mood. The city and the people play a role for my videos. 

What’s your ultimate career goal?

I want to have my own show. Like The Ellen Show or Jimmy Fallon. I’m tired of being an influencer.

What do you think you need for that step to happen?

I need a producer, with a big bag. If there is a producer somewhere please hit me up, I’m here bonjour! I have potential, I have a vision, just need the right opportunity I guess. 

And what’s your ultimate life goal?

I want to be an island gal. Either island and move away from everyone, hang out with animals and fishes, because I love the ocean. Or I just want to move to a house near the beach in the south of France. Whenever I get tired of Paris, first train 6AM I go there. 

Do you often get tired of Paris?

Yeah, the people, the weather, just stress of life, social media…

Is it okay for you to balance social media and your personal life or you get ‘f*cking hell’ sometimes?

I get ‘f*cking hell’. You have to constantly be delivering.

Wait this is kinda giving therapy. I’m obsessed. 

But yeah when I get tired I just pack my stuff and go to the south of France. 

What’s your ideal dream day?

Wake up, don’t have anxiety, don’t overthink ahaha go get my favorite iced vanilla coffee at Le Marais with friends, have lunch in some sunny terrace, go back home, change, and go to some exclusive party. I don’t like a party with everybody. Honestly just like a sunny day, I’m honestly so easy. 

Okay, thank you! Thats it!!!

I just want to be as beautiful as the ocean and… yeah someone make me a VIP please thank you.