West African-born, Berlin-influenced, and Brooklyn-based, AMÉMÉ stands at the forefront of the afro-house movement, infusing his cultural heritage into his innovative sounds. His latest endeavor, the One Tribe event series, embodies his artistic vision, blending music, art, and fashion into a unified experience. 2024 sees him embark on re-launching the signature event series for his concept and collective, One Tribe.The event series and record label embody his artistic vision, blending music, art, and fashion into a unified experience for the dance floor. Following a February inaugural launch in London at fabric, AMÉMÉ delivered the second iteration of One Tribe to Amsterdam at Shelter on March 2nd, 2024. As the date marked the start of what is to be a quarterly One Tribe residency at Amsterdam’s recently re-opened club, anticipation surges for a year of impactful resonance, marking the collective’s reemergence onto the global stage.  As AMÉMÉ announces the second launch date of his revitalized One Tribe event series at Shelter in Amsterdam on March 2nd, 2024, anticipation surges for a year of impactful resonance. This quarterly residency, alongside its initial London debut at fabric in February, marks the collective’s reemergence onto the global stage.

AMÉMÉ’s One Tribe represents more than just a series of events; it’s a testament to unity and diversity, echoing the sentiments of its founder, Hubert Sodogandji. From its humble beginnings as a curated event series in 2017 to its evolution into a thriving record label, One Tribe has become synonymous with AMÉMÉ’s coined brand of ‘AMÉMÉ house.’ With a focus on community, diversity, and innovation, the collective bridges cultural gaps, weaving together tales of family, history, and culture through its music.

Introducing his premiere release on the dynamic label One People, AMÉMÉ presents ‘Wild Animal,’ a scorching Afro-infused track destined to ignite dance floors worldwide. Listen to ‘ Wild Animal’ here.

Hello AMÉMÉ, congratulations on the announcement of your upcoming quarterly “One Tribe” event residency at Shelter Amsterdam! What moved you to choose this venue?

I think the venue chose me instead. Obviously, it’s an honor to call Shelter a home for One Tribe. While playing there prior to the residency, I developed a rapport with the team that oversaw the renovation and new direction of the venue. When they had the idea to involve us into their new programing I was more than happy to say yes.

What elements define your latest song “Wild Animal” that recently debuted on Defected’s newly minted One People label, and how does it reflect the essence of Afro-House music while captivating the dancefloor?

“Wild Animal” is a pure hybrid of Afro and Tech; it’s energetic, groovy, and the vocals (English and Ewe) play a very important role in connecting with the crowd and listeners. The rhythm of the drums layered at the bottom end are very much from the Afro-House space, which allows the track to be played anywhere. Afro-House is spiritual – everytime I play this track I see people ascend into a spiritual journey just by moving their feet.

Your collective emphasizes community, diversity, and innovation. How do you envision these values reflected in the experience attendees will have at the One Tribe events?

We live these values by making sure every lineup reflects the diversity of the next generation of Afro-House, and primarily integrates artists who impact the genre. Even if they don’t have the hype behind them, we create a space where everyone feels welcome.

As an Afro-House innovator, how do you see this style evolving and what role will you play in shaping its future?

Afro-House will break even more barriers than it has already, and continue to blend with so many more genres. You can already count the Afro-House remixes, and edits of the most popular songs out there being made and released online. Reggae, Country, you name it – Afro-House will impact all types of music and people.

One Tribe has expanded from a curated event series to a thriving record label. What prompted the evolution, and what goals do you have for the label moving forward?

I always wanted a space where I could do whatever I wanted without the strict rules of the record labels out there. The idea of One Tribe Records then came to life. So far, we have championed DJ’s and producers who vibe on the same frequency as us, and perform at our showcases. In the future I foresee collaborations with major structures to optimize the impact of the releases.

How do you balance your diverse cultural influences from West Africa to Berlin to Brooklyn in your creative process? 

I don’t try to balance it – the outcome is what it is. Sometimes I get more Brooklyn in a project than Benin, or Berlin – sometimes I get more Benin than Berlin and Brooklyn.

The release of “No Justice, No Peace”, amid 2020, protest was a powerful statement of solidarity and support. How do you view the role of artists and collectives like One Tribe in addressing social issues and advocating for change?

I think it is up to the artist to decide if they would like to be a voice for the people. Some people just want to make art, some are born to fight and represent others – but ultimately it’s a personal choice of each .

Fashion plays a significant role within One Tribe, reflecting both heritage and contemporary street style. Can you talk about the inspiration behind the fashion aspect of the collective and how it contributes to the overall identity?

Fashion is art. Fashion is an expression just like music. When we did our first collections, the goal was to show a holistic extension of this Afro-futuristic platform we took so much care to create.

Photos by: NIRVANA & threesixzero and Konstantinos Sonnenkind

Talent: AMÉMÉ

Music editor/director: Joiah Luminosa