interview by JANA LETONJA

Starting as a blogger with 5 million followers across her platforms, Alla Bruletova evolves into a full-time fashionista and high-fashion model. Not only does she wear the latest runway looks and cool emerging brands all over her Instagram, but she also became an integral part of the fashion community.

How would you describe your love affair with fashion and what does fashion mean to you in everyday life?
I’ve come to understand that clothing serves as a potent means of communication, unveiling facets of my personality. Each day, I express myself through my fashion choices, viewing it as a form of art. It’s how I translate my mood to my audience. Our clothing reflects our identities, and I use it as a tool to create my image.

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You like to compare fashion to art, and see it as a platform for continuous innovation. We’d love to hear more on how do fashion and art compare in your eyes.
For me, both art and fashion are forms of creative self-expression, focusing on aesthetics and the deeper meanings they convey. They not only reflect current society, but also influence it. Designers like Alexander McQueen, Martin Margiela and John Galliano elevated fashion to new heights. Were they just creating clothes? I don’t think so. To me, they were artists, comparable to George Condo and Jackson Pollock. I could stare at Alexander McQueen Plato’s Atlantis show as much as at Dancing to Miles by George Condo.

Talking about Alexander McQueen. Who are your favourite designers?
I admire the archives of McQueen and Margiela, but my go-to brands right now are Alaia and Miu Miu. They blend forward-thinking designs with timeless aesthetics, which truly reflect my style. I’m always on the lookout for emerging brands and two of my favourites are Dilara Findikoglu and Charlotte Knowles. Another unique brand I love is Enfants Riches Déprimés. Henri Levy has created a very special world. For more affordable options, I really love Raga Malak, with whom I just did a collaborative shoot. Stay tuned, you’ll see it soon.

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What kind of innovation do you foresee in fashion in the coming years?
I enjoy seeing fashion moving towards being more sustainable. More and more brands address the environmental and social impacts of their work. Recycling and repurposing became one of the biggest trends, alongside ethical production and eco-friendly materials, which are not just marketing strategies now. As for technologies, I believe the fashion industry enjoys experimenting with various innovations, though it often doesn’t fully embrace them. For instance, brands have dabbled in 3D printing and Web3 mostly for the hype. However, AI holds significant promise for retail and I’m eagerly anticipating its implementation.

How would you describe your relationship with social media, and what is the hardest thing you had to face on social platforms?
My work evokes a mix of emotions. I would say it’s always a love and hate relationship. I find great satisfaction in inspiring others to improve and seeing their positive feedback. The hardest thing for me is to deal with hate. Negativity random people can project to you remains a significant challenge for me.

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You also strongly embrace the responsibility that comes with being an influencer, having an influence on people’s choices and actions. What kind of a role model do you aspire to be for your followers, and why is having this responsibility so important for you?
The main qualities I try to portray and embrace in young girls are honesty and transparency, freedom of self-expression, confidence, responsibility and supportiveness. I aim to be attentive to my loyal audience and consider their thoughts. As a short height model, I try to embrace diversity and inclusivity because to me, everyone matters. Taking responsibility for your actions is crucial as they can have a significant impact on others. People often emulate the lifestyles they observe on social media.

You are signed to the model agency and have worked for multiple different brands, however, you don’t have the typical model height. How do you approach your career as a model?
To be honest, fashion modelling wasn’t my aspiration, but as I gained visibility on social media, brands and magazines began to offer opportunities. I have a model look, so why don’t I use it? I don’t necessarily identify as a professional model because my focus is on influencing and contributing to the fashion industry.

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What challenges and what advantages did you encounter due to being just 158 cm?
At first, my height was a challenge as I didn’t conform to the 5’8 model stereotype. I’m certain I missed out on many castings because of it. However, industry standards have evolved and I’m now gaining increasing visibility.

What can you tell us about your exciting, upcoming plans?
I’m moving to Paris right now and I’m really excited about collaborations I’m doing with two emerging brands which you will see very soon.

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