words by MARIA MOTA

“Combining passion, instinct and an international network, I want to be a bold and expressive partner“, these are the words of Alexandra Preusche, founder of the creative networking studio and unique PR agency AP STUDIOS. 

With a network closely intertwined in the fashion, lifestyle, and music realm, AP STUDIOS creates boundary-pushing ideas and goes beyond traditional public relations through their distinctive collaboration strategies, purposeful consultancy and compelling stories. Alexandra and her company quickly gained attention globally and have done remarkable collaborations working with the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Versace, A$AP Rocky, Rita Ora, Junya Watanabe as well as being responsible for Buffalo London’s relaunch.

photography EMIL LEVY

You worked as a freelancer and later decided to create your own agency. What motivate and inspire you to take this step? How did it all start?

I had already gone through a few professional experiences and also had a strong network from the beginning, mainly in the music & fashion scene. I was asked more and more often for projects and clients like Puma for example and after being responsible for Patrick Mohrs iconic shoe launch I realized I’m pretty good at what I’m doing on a bigger scale so why not expand and multiply it by forming an agency. Next up was the Bread & Butter where I brought ASAP Rocky and many more… 

Since I have a very proactive and progressive working style, this also allowed me to grow quickly. My first employee traveled with me around the world and by now I have a very strong team around me who support the same vision. 

What are the core values of AP STUDIOS and what makes it stand out from other PR agencies?

First of all, we don’t even see ourselves as a regular PR Agency (laughs) we are more like a creative networking studio, an agency for brand & artist affiliation. We still do communications a lot and since pretty much everything we do is in the public, PR is a part of it.

AP STUDIOS aims to create, connect and consult always on the pulse of time, enabling cutting-edge projects and distinctive collaborations. Since we mostly work on a global scale, we stand out in many ways: with our expansive network we create boundary-pushing ideas from scratch and are always going beyond traditional public relations. We are considered the paradigm of the next era of creative agencies and I couldn’t be more proud of it. 

AP Studios was responsible for the recent collaboration between 032c and Snipes. What is your role in the process of a collaboration?

Well I usually come with an idea, a vision that I have for a certain brand and then I work from there. Snipes is one of my biggest clients whom I’ve been consulting for many years now and 032c is a brand and close partner I’m very passionate about. For me it felt natural to connect them and we worked out not only a deal but a whole strategy together. Snipes wanted to make moves in the luxury world and 032c was the ideal brand for this. 

As a partner I’m always very involved in the whole process: from the initial creative exchange to collection design until the final launch, including corresponding PR, influencer activations, events etc. 

You have an incredible network and already worked with celebrities like A$AP Rocky and Rita Ora. Which collaborations have been very special to you and why?

I would say every single encounter or project is special and unique, I love to work with so many inspiring people whether they are famous or not. For me, it’s also about the community and I love to be the connecting person for all my talents and their projects. It inspires me to help them make their creative visions become a reality and to strategically conquer the European market. Especially Bloody Osiris, Reese Laflare, Pusha T, Luka Sabbat, 070 Shake, Ufo361, 032c, Snipes, About You, Marni, Balenciaga, just to name a few of the exciting talents and projects we have been working on. I also had a very special project when I brought Virgil Abloh to Mercedes back in the day. In general, to see how the luxury world is evolving and getting more open and diverse is awesome. 

In the past few years, there has been a strong shift in thinking about competition and collaboration. Many collaborations between competitors are emerging and it is proving to be a win-win situation most of the time. What is your opinion on this?

I personally don’t see competition, I see opportunities. A joint collection should break through boundaries and increase the image as well as the reach of both partners. We want to show synergies of streetwear hype and luxury greatness to show what today’s society is about: building bridges, being authentic and evolving in style.

How did your idea of AP STUDIOS change over the years?

I think it is important to stay true to your core values, whether you’re working alone, with a team or with any client. I have become more aware of who I want to be in business and it has shaped me as a person to meet so many amazing and like-minded people all over the world. We continue to grow and have to be selective when it comes to taking on new clients or projects – making sure everything is aligned with our vision.

What drives you to work in the creative industry?

What appeals to me most about working in the creative industry is that I’m not bound by strict conventions and you can grow beyond yourself. I sometimes wake up in the morning (or night haha) and have an idea and most of the time I can implement it – you can always take surprising paths and push for new ways. Combining passion, instinct and an international network, I want to be a bold and expressive partner. 

Being such an inspiring and successful woman, what advice would you give to women wanting to start their own business?

Do what feels right for you, be bold and self-confident and don’t give up. Especially in a male dominated industry you have to be able to stand out and speak up for yourself. Try to fight for it and don’t take no for an answer. I had to smile when I read what management mastermind Kris Jenner once said “If you’re getting no as an answer you’re talking to the wrong person.”

What is in the near future for you and AP STUDIOS? 

Definitely more exciting projects with many different clients. I really love to see how everything evolves over time. We usually have an access point and then intensify and expand the relationship – with Marni for example we recently did talent placement for their last few shows and are now working on many more projects. I will also be at a big conference in Saudi Arabia as a speaker and will also be more present personally. 

photography SAMIR NOVOTNY

On the cover image, Alexandra and Bloody Osiris captured by Samir Novotny during Paris Fashion Week