Interview by Jana Letonja

Dutch actor and singer Aidan Alexander is leaving his mark in the film and music industries. On top of acting, he has over 12 million streams on Spotify and is continuing to grow his music career with new content coming soon.

Aidan, how did you develop passion and interest in acting?

The reverie of it all. I loved cheating time and escaping into a film, into another world, only for it to end and I look outside and it’s somehow dark. I’d say that’s how it started. I loved the idea of a film being a doorway. I wanted to be included in the story. 

What are your goals for the future of your acting career?

I hope I’m just getting better and better. I constantly feel grateful that so many of the great artists of our time are still alive and if I get really lucky, I could work with them. I have love to work with Meryl Streep. 

On a different note, scary movies are my bread and butter. I would love to get bloody, scream, wield a chainsaw and all that. ‘Evil Dead’ is one of my all time favorite movies. 

On top of acting, you are also a musician. Would you say music is prevailing over acting at this moment in your career?

With the SAG strike just ending, acting is taking up more time. I’ve always said I could never pick and I couldn’t. I’d say they ebb and flow in different ways at different times. The two compliment each other if anything. 

What can you tease with us about your new music, which we’ll be able to hear soon? What can we expect from it?

Some good old fashioned angst. Lots of drums. Then some sad stuff. You’ll see.

You also have quite an interest in fashion. What makes fashion something you are so invested in?

Everyone says this and it’s so annoying, but clothes tell so much about a person. I’ve always loved mixing and matching until something just feels good, and I like to chase that feeling. When I look at trends and try something and actually like it, I get that feeling. 

What would be your style and fashion tips for our readers?

Throw away skinny jeans, go to the thrift store and get some baggier jeans, take a cheese grater and buff around the pocket hem, the bottom hem and top hem around the waist. Make it look a little old. Also, wear whatever. The more,the merrier. Fashion is something that tells you something, whoever said it had to be pretty is a liar. 

Do you have any tricks up your sleeve on how to elevate one’s style?

I go on Pinterest. Use the internet as we have so much information. I think the most important thing is when you feel nervous or dumb in something that you really like. Force yourself out, you’re wearing your confidence too. 

In the entertainment world, days get very busy. What are best day-to-night looks in your opinion?

I like when I’m wearing a darker wash jeans and can just swap out the shirt or add a jacket. Sometimes to differentiate it a bit, I’ll push my hair back with sunglasses and call it a hairstyle. 

How does your Dutch heritage play a role in your style?

Well, it makes me tall and harder to find jeans. Besides that, I love the up and coming Dutch designers. I think the textures are gorgeous and I definitely look for that in clothes. I think Ruben Jurrien is genius. 

Aidan, what can you share with us about your upcoming projects and ventures?

I’m really excited to be releasing music again. I’ve been reading for lots of great projects and am really excited for you to see what we have coming. It could even be a clothing line, who knows.

Photography HUGHIE NEWMAN @hughienewman
Styling BROOKE HASSETT @brooke_hassett @b.styledme