interview by JANA LETONJA

Actor Aaron Moten most recently starred in Amazon Prime’s series ‘Fallout’, which was released this April. Graduating from Juilliard and appearing in many film, TV and theater projects, ‘Fallout’ marks his real breakout moment on the screen.

Aaron, you starred in Amazon Prime’s ‘Fallout’. What did getting this role mean to you personally and for your career?
Personally, it meant that I had to be away from home for 7 months. After reading the script that Graham and Geneva had written, and my great interest in working with Jonathan Nolan, Ella Purnell and Walton Goggins, I knew it was a job I couldn’t pass on. As to my career, it felt like the right next project.

What was your favourite part about this series?
Honestly, my favourite thing about the series is the vast world of ‘Fallout’. When you say yes to a job in television, you have to consider the possibility of the job lasting multiple years. In our first season, we’ve only begun to dig into the world. There’s still so much that we’re excited to do in there.

How did you prepare for your role of Maximus?
It always starts with perspective. How does this person see the world around them? For Maximus, how would growing up an orphan in a post-apocalyptic wasteland alter his world view? There was also a physical preparation that I needed to make. I had gained weight for my previous job that I didn’t think fit where we were starting our story with Maximus, so I trained to drop 10lbs before filming began.

Now after the series is out, can you already see its impact on your career?
Yes, there’s certainly been a shift. I feel fortunate that the attention I’m getting in the moment has also come with respect for the work. I’m lucky to have more opportunities presented to me, but I’ve always been very patient when it comes to getting involved with projects. I’m also lucky my team around me is very supportive and understanding.

What kind of projects would you love to work on next? Is there perhaps a specific genre you’d like to explore?
I love action, I love horror, I love filmmaking. I wouldn’t say there’s any genre I’m not interested in exploring, but making anything good in the film and TV industry is about a team of people coming together and sacrificing a lot to make the thing work. I want to work with collaborators who enjoy and respect that challenging process.

Working alongside the likes of Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg, how do you usually approach working on the set with such big names in the industry?
I try to prioritize what’s most important in the moment. Not only the big names of the industry show up to work, but 200 other people in various departments with extensive resumes are on set. I want them all to be my co-workers and to respect my work, and that happens one hard days work after another. When a project is wrapped and I’m back home is the time I think “OMG, OMG, OMG”.

In what moment did you know acting is something you want to do as a career?
I got accepted to Juilliard at 18 years old, but it really became a clear idea after graduating and working in New York City on Annie Baker’s play ‘The Flick’. I owe so much to Annie, our director Sam Gold, Matthew, Louisa and Alex. Reading that play for the first time changed my life.

How did studying at Juilliard prepare you for the ‘real’ world of acting?
Well, no one else in my family is in this industry. Juilliard gave me a life-long community of artists as friends and also a confidence in what I have to offer as an artist.

When you have days off, how do you like spending them?
I always want to be with my family when I’m not working. I live in Iceland, so if I’m home and it’s summer, I like to spend as much time outside as I can. I like fishing and camping. Work usually requires that I stay active, so I spend a lot of my off time boxing. I’m obsessed with photography, writing scripts and music.

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