illycaffè presents the new illy Art Collection by Ai Weiwei, a personal interpretation of the renowned series of art cups bythe Chinese artist who is one of the 21st centuries most influential people. 

This illy Art Collection has been inspired by Ai Weiwei’s famous Coloured Vases which hecreated in 2006, taking ancient Neolithic vases and dunking them into industrial paint tins to reshape their look and function. Using a process of appropriation and destruction, Ai Weiwei takes ordinary objects away from their daily context and transforms them into works of art. 

To express yourself needs a reason, but expressing yourself is the reason” the perfect summary of the life and the art of Ai Weiwei, which are closely entwined and have seen him become a conceptual artist, sculptor, painter, performer, photographer, architect and urban designer, collector, film director, actor, musician, writer and editor, blogger and selfie professional, investigative journalist, human rights activist and dissident…. a kaleidoscope of experiences and perspectives. In his illy Art Collection, Ai Weiwei echoes all of this in a familiar object and, with one of his typical unsettling acts, he invites us to explore our “position” and the perspective from which we look at the world at a given point in space and time, even just for the time it takes to enjoy a coffee. 

I am very happy to be a part of illy Art Collection. I think it is very important to give power to art and design while drinking good coffee, because it affects everybody’s life. We should enjoy it.” – Ai Weiwei

The project with Ai Weiwei is an exceptional event –said Massimiliano Pogliani, illycaffè CEO – and we have celebrated it with a particularly valuable and refined illy Art Collection. From a great personality, that has had a huge impact on culture in recent years, speaking out about the complexity of contemporary society, often ironically, we get an optical illusion, a hidden beauty which becomes manifest if we learn to see without the misconception of using one single perspective only. To us, this is what the illy Art Collection project is: art providing an insight through beauty, and Ai Weiwei’s artwork is new and brilliant evidence of this.”

The collection by Ai Weiwei is available from May in the following formats: 

4 espresso cups (decorated in gold, black, orange and green) €88,00

4 cappuccino cups (decorated in gold, black, orange and green) €108,00

2 espresso cups (decorated in gold and black) €48,00

2 cappuccino cups (decorated in gold and black) €58,00