illy is the most loved Italian brand worldwide, according to the ‘Love Brands 2022’ ranking of Talkwater , the leading platform in consumer intelligence .

The company based in Trieste has come second in the worldwide Love Brands ranking ( never before has an Italian company finished so high ), right after Asics (1st place) and as a forerunner of top brands such as Jimmy Choo (7 th ), Muji (10 th ), Bosch (19 th ), Palmolive (20 th ), Lancôme (21 th ), Nescafe (22 th ), L’Oréal (29 th ), Adidas (45 th ) and Apple ( 47th ). The second best Italian brand in the global rankings, Dolce & Gabbana, came in 23rdplace, followed by Missoni in 32nd place and Alfa Romeo in 36th place

This fantastic result was repeated in the Italian Top 10 ranking , where illy comes in third place, after Aprilia (1st ) and Abarth ( 2nd ), beating well-known fashion brands such as Prada , Dolce & Gabbana , Valentino and Gucci . A new addition to the rankings is the Zoom brand, which played an important role for Italians during the difficult months of the pandemic. The Italian Top 10 also includes two foreign brands that have conquered the hearts of Italians: IKEA and Lego.

The study, conducted through the Talkwater Consumer Intelligence Acceleration Platform™ in partnership with Hootsuite, analyzed 1,500 brands in several countries worldwide, adding up to a conversion rate of 2.6 trillion(between July 2021 and March 2022) on social media, in the news, blogs, forums and other channels. Love Brands measures the ability and commitment of brands to create an emotional connection with consumers. This resulted in the top 50 ranking worldwide and a top 10 ranking by participating country, including Italy. 

“We are very proud of this outcome – says Christina Scocchia, CEO of illycaffè – as it confirms that people recognize the intangible value of the illy brand. This value is expressed not only in the quality of the product and the service, but also in the value generated during the entire production process with the aim of creating a positive impact on people and the environment.”

“Making the love concept measurable through social media interactions is, logically, almost impossible, as this is an intangible fact,” explains Francesco Turco, Talkwater’s Marketing Manager for Italy . “Nevertheless, there may be clues to brand passion, such as positive feelings; words referring to love, emotion or joy; commitment or the ability to sustain the relationship with the brand.” Turco emphasizes: “In this year’s ranking we have also taken into account a solid social, environmental and economic awareness.