words by Nadia ten Hove

The performance by Igone at the Royal Theater Carré in Amsterdam was an emotional and unforgettable experience. The show evoked a range of emotions, from laughter to breathless awe, and showcased the sheer beauty of dance.

Igone de Jongh, renowned as a former principal dancer at Het Nationale Ballet, mesmerized the audience with her dance gala, “Igone in Carré.” This program reflects her illustrious career as a ballerina and presents a remarkable ballet repertoire featuring guest performances by acclaimed dancers and musicians from both national and international backgrounds.

The concept for this extraordinary show was conceived and developed by Igone in collaboration with Marc Pos (creator of “De Verraders” and more). The choreographer duo Sasha Riva & Simone Repele, along with the young piano talent David Kooi, join Igone and Alex Klaasen in a captivating performance. Frédérique Spigt accompanies the dancers, adding a breathtaking touch to the piece. Additionally, the United Ukrainian Ballet Company, co-founded by Igone, participates in the performance. Eric Corton lends his narration to enhance the show.

Under the direction of Marc Pos and with artistic advice and choreography by Marijn Rademaker, accompanied by the compositions of Eric van Tijn, the creative team has crafted a truly extraordinary production.

Reflecting on the opportunity, Igone shares, “Once again, a dream has come true for me. Being at Carré is not just about the venue itself; it is my moment, where I have complete artistic control. I can showcase a wide range of dance styles in this gala, and naturally, classical ballet, which holds a special place in my heart, will take center stage.”

The dancers delivered spectacular performances, enhanced by the captivating lighting that added an ethereal ambiance to their solos, accentuating the beauty of their graceful movements. This show will be etched in the memories of all who witnessed its brilliance.