Words by Demet Kamburoglu

MOSSI aims to affirm a new identity and fresh convictions through its fall-winter 2024/2025 collection. Inspired by the work of South Korean artist Lee Bul, MOSSI opts for a decline in the emblematic elements and purposefully intertwines each conventional silhouette. Through the acceptance of the unconventional, the expression of emotion arises. Sadness, anger and hope: the three emotions that motivated Mossi Traoré.

Environment-friendly quality remains to be one of the primary aspects of the show. From milk casein fibre and wool from recycled cushions and mattresses to particular fabrics crafted by Indian artisans, the brand steps further to claim its position as a keyholder in sustainable fashion.

Driven by the motion of emotions, the T-shirt designs call the audience to a level of wonder. Written slogans on the designs are aesthetically paired with pleats and drape figures. Inspired by the work of Madame Grès, MOSSI approaches the classics with a contemporary imagination.

A deconstructed construction takes the centre of the impressive collection. Unconventional meets the classic: the asymmetrical designs are combined with structured shapes throughout the exhibition. Draped and asymmetrical sweaters are combined with wide wool pants. The italic dance between these bold figures creates a rhythm that draws you to the stage.

Stylist: Pauline Grosjean
Casting: Rémi Felipe
Models: Fatau, Diva, Carina, Yen, Janila, Bruna, Cynthia, Talla, Catherine, Katie, Ailiny, Polyana, Oscar, Tazmin, Elism, Veronika, Hani,Jonas, Katy,Rosa, Eva,Johachim, Antonie, Arthur, Ana, Marie, Tyrone
Makeup: Marcello Costa
Hair: Beppe D’elia
Music: Vj Faith
Location: Palais de Tokyo
Filmed by: Jacopo Bosicaini
Photo: Aitor Rosas