In a global context looming with threats, wars and depressing news, this collection moves from anger to acceptance and aims to provide a counter proposal to the suffocating state of the world.

« I came to terms with the fact that there is little we can do as an individual in a collapsing world » Di Du says. « I wanted to focus on the moments that I have with the ones I love and embrace it while it’s still there. That is the feeling I wanted to convey. This collection is filled with my experiences in Paris and the cultural clash that emerged from moving here from China. »

Without departing from Di Du’s signature style of revealing cuts and celebration of the female body, the collection draws both from the delicacy of European ballet attire and the refinement of Chinese qipao, symbol of opulence in the 1920s Shanghai.

Vaporous sheer fabrics in grey and fleshy tones layer over the skin in an otherworldly haze. Western female ballet garments are echoed by an interplay of narrow and fluid shapes, close-fitting tops and flowing ends. Elongated sleeves combine with slender flare pants and old French-style flower embroideries gracefully collide with Chinese standing collars.

Still, washed out denim and faded colors, delicately destroyed knit hoodies and leg warmers in cream palette never move away from a sense of urgency. Anguish seems to be creeping in to these brief, fleeting moments of bliss and Di Du invite us to cherish them before they slowly disappear.


Styling:  Samia Giobellina at Future Rep 

Casting: Mollie Dendle at Mini Title 

Models: Hiei at Xdirectn, Zora at Known, Freddie at TheSquad, Timothee, Nima at MManagement, LuYan at Titanium, Tosha at Girl, Muriel at Let It Go, Ajak at Face, Emilie at Lis, Zena, Paulin, Prune, Steven, Momoe, Adrienne, Elyve, Rebecca, Almamy, Matthiu 

Hair: Shunsuke Meguro at Future Rep using @kevinmurphyuk @kevinmurphy.prouk 

Assisted by Jamie Keegan, Lucile Bertrand, Arpat, Mayuko Nakae 

Make-Up: Grace Sinnott at Future Rep using @kvdbeauty, @elemis_uki,, @brandstandcomms 

Assisted by 

Shana Montier, Stella Ceriani, Lily Vanita, Santiago Arbelaez 

Music Rui Ho