Hurricane comes from the heart. A 100% Portuguese hand-made brand was born with the idea of creating something disruptive. A western vibe mixed with the coolness of a daily big city life.

With proposals for women, men and children, the brand launched 4 different models: Sally, the mythical Fedora model, Harvey, the typical cowboy hat with a touch of irreverence, Laura, a tribute to the Portuguese historical hat, and Delta, a model highlihted by its flicked edge.

HURRICANE is not a conventional project and each model has a special detail such as the animal print, metals, ropes and other particularities designed by the founders and crafted by portuguese artisans. All the models have an inner strap that allows the perfect fit to the head shape. However, there's the possibility of making a customized hat according to the client's request.

Hurricane also has a sustainable move & plastic-free. The packaging is made of paper and the hat itself is made of 100% biodegradable and natural wool.

All the hats are designed by the founders, Tânia and Francisco, with great attention to detail introducing their love for fashion and experience into the western vibe adapted to people’s life.

The founders became partners on the first day they’ve met. They realized they shared exactly the same vision so they got immediately aligned and started working on this with their love for hats and fashion, giving birth to HURRICANE, the brand with the hats they couldn’t find on the market.

After all, why be a soft wind when you can choose a Hurricane?