In a memorable launch event that buzzed with creativity, HUGO brought the style and spirit of its new brand line, HUGO BLUE, with denim and self-expression at the core, to Berlin on March 6.

Around 1,000 guests were invited to enter the HUGO BLUE world to uncover the first collection; this was an immersive experience that combined inspiring product installations with the multiverses of entertainment and gaming. While arriving at the venue at Wilhelm Hallen, guests entered through a blue “tunnel” that transported them into the world of HUGO BLUE. To amplify the vibe of this new brand line, a color palette of shades of blue was maximized across the space, including bold logo details.

The line encompasses menswear, womenswear, and gender-neutral pieces. The focus lies on denim essentials and a variety of streetwear staples, including graphic T-shirts and hoodies, tops, shorts, trousers, outerwear. Key looks were displayed in a unique and unexpected way in three dedicated “closets”, providing perfect photo opportunities as each closet had different décor themes, from playful inflatables to wall-to-wall denim and captivating LED panels.

There were customization zones at the event that allowed guest to personalize their new HUGO BLUE pieces in the moment by local artists Rafaella Braga and Max Teutsch. Each attendee received a HUGO BLUE denim tote, and as a teaser prior to the event, a selection of VIP guests received a denim jacket with an iron-on flower badge featuring an integrated NFC chip, connecting to an immersive HUGO BLUE experience on Snapchat.

PLANET HUGO was also unveiled at the event; this is an ecosystem of unique, interconnected experiences on Roblox, a leading platform for communication and connection. PLANET HUGO’s first two 3D environments, HUGO HANGOUT and HUGO FASHION MATCH, were debuted at the launch event in a gaming zone featuring multiple screens that displayed several immersive spaces at once.

“Targeting its Gen-Z audience, HUGO harnessed the launch event as the perfect occasion to activate gaming and Metaverse spaces as key cultural focus territories. With PLANET HUGO, the brand is tapping into gamification, the facilitation of social moments, self-expression and self-exploration: all key aspects of HUGO’s DNA, and values loved by the Roblox community, which has a growing interest in curation and style. HUGO FASHION MATCH is a social styling experience that presents an incredible opportunity to put HUGO BLUE’s denim-focused fashion offering in the spotlight and bring people together through co-creation, allowing them to form new, meaningful friendships,” said Nadia Kokni, SVP of Global Marketing and Brand Communications at HUGO BOSS.

American rapper and Grammy-nominated songwriter Swae Lee, was the headline performer at the Berlin launch event, setting the tone for the evening. Moreover, German rapper Reezy and British actor Jasmine Jobson (two of the stars of the very first HUGO BLUE campaign) were also in attendance, as was German DJ and producer Adam Port from Keinemusik, who performed during the evening.

Connecting with the social generation of changemakers who consider creative ways of dressing as expressions of their individuality, HUGO shared all happenings from the launch event with its social media community. The focus was HUGO BLUE’s unique brand experience, which bridges the virtual and physical worlds by combining gaming culture with style, music, and art elements. Boosting the event’s presence on social media, influencers such as Jordyn Jones, Perris Howard, Alani Figueroa, Eelyse, Marvin Appiah Korang, Luca Lorenz, Scarfaxce, and Kay McPhee attended the event to capture fashion-focused content for Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. Additionally, prominent gamers such as Clix and Chad Epps shared their experiences of the evening with their communities on TikTok, highlighting HUGO’s move into Roblox.

The venue featured an area with a 180-multicam and a photo-ready backdrop. Live content captured during the event was projected onto a central tower, seamlessly integrated with the DJ booth. Product showcases, visuals from the brand’s global campaign, eagle-eye footage streamed from the customization area, and Roblox gaming footage were displayed on a mix of TV screens and LED panels.

To generate further excitement for the new brand line, and the launch of HUGO’s global Summer 2024 campaign, large-scale advertising placements were rolled out with spectacular displays in New York and Berlin – which raised brand awareness and encouraged fans to discover the debut HUGO BLUE collection in nearby stores.